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Which one: Boston pump with sleeve or LA pump?


Well ladies and gentleman I would like to announce that I ordered boston pump 4 days ago.

I still dont know about the quality, but one thing for sure is that their service is very bad. I emailed them 3 days ago and no response.

I hope the quality of the pump will be better than the quality of their service.

Well, Did you get any reply from them sta-kool?

I used to get replies before ordering, but after that nothing man.

By the way which size did you order since we have nearly the same size?

Let me know if you get your pump. It gives me little bit of hope.

I got a couple of order confirmations, and sent an email two days ago to see if they had shipped and have not heard back.

Thunder’s people all say they eventually come through.

They have an EXCELLENT rating as a seller on ebay — very good feedback.

So I am not worried, just a little impatient.

I got the 1.75 per this thread:

Selecting Your Cylinder Size

Hey, I just ordered my Boston Pump Standard Cylinder With Sleeve Master Kit along with an extra Sleeve Master.

Customer service sucks.

Also i had an issue with the “Place Your Order” button, I got a stupid window that said “There has been a problem processing your order, please click here to go back”

So I clicked and went back. AND I did not click the “Place Your Order” button again.

I went and checked my bank statements, and my card has the pending charge.

Hopefully they have my order info, I am gonna ring their phone off the hook tomorrow.

Allright, I found the issue with my card was that my bank had my old address for the card.
So my funds for the pump are in a “pending state”, and the funds will be dropped back into my account in 2 more days.
So its like I never ordered it. Just threw some money into some type of “Transcending Space” , and waiting for its return.

I was finally able to talk to customer service at Boston Pump.
He is a real nice guy. But I run a business of my own, and I go out of my way to make sure to get back to them very quickly.
The best time to call him Im guessing is 12:00 Noon Eastern Time, that is when I was able to get a hold of “him”.
When I did talk to him, he was very helpful.

Im kind of getting the feeling that he is actually getting his pumps somewhere wholesale, or something, which is why it takes a
while to get to the customer. But hell, I dont know for sure. Im sure there is a good reason. And I dont know his workload.

And now Im kind of thinking of going with a Dr. Kaplan Pump. And getting 2 silicone sleeves from here.
Enter this into the search bar on the website, without the quotations, and it will come up.
“Universal Silicone Pump Sleeve”

It looks like the Sleeve Master from Boston Pump.

But not sure, because I dont know how the sleeve is gonna work.


The Boston Pump Standard Cylinder has what looks like a flange at the bottom.
Does the Sleeve Master have some type of groove cut into it, internally, that matches up to this flange.??????
Anyone know.

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Hey Dozer — I posted this in the other thread too —

Boston Pump has a very good reputation.

The pumps of course come from other places — but cylinders are a different matter.

I am 99.9999999999999% sure that Boston Pump has their cylinders manufactured exclusively for them.

The contour cylinder for example is an exclusive. Nobody else has that design, Additionally, from what I understand, Boston’s cylinders are a seamless construction, others have seams.

Pretty much everyone on Thunders who has a Boston cylinder says it is top notch.

Personally I would —-not—— get the Dr. Kaplan pump set. Why? Because the cylinder is tapered — it gets narrower at the end.

If you do not want to use Boston, here are two other vendors that Thunder’s people recommend (besides Boston, which is also highly recommended):

glanzino — I heard back from them, they have given me a ship date.

I use the La Pump kit for almost an year , and I plan to buy another kit next month.

I am satisfy by the La Pump system but I am also curious about Boston cylinders.

Can you explain me what the sleeves are for?

The sleeves are for comfort. Several on thunder’s also say that it provides a better seal.

See the picture here:

Sleeve Master Cylinder…WPROD&ProdID=13

Sleeve is also sold separately — see picture here:…WPROD&ProdID=22

Well, congradulatons.

I am happy to hear that at least you got your pump.

He didnt accept my paypal because the shipping address was not the same as billing address.

Any ways, I have to look for other company.

take care

I am looking into Boston Pump with the Master Sleeve. It look very comfortable.

I have a few questions from those who have used with and without the sleeve.

1) Does the silicon sleeve restrict too much circulation and result in less base girth growth?
- my base is 4.75” which is actually smaller than my mid-shaft girth at 5”.

2) Based on the recommendations from Pump 101 thread, I should go for 1 3/4” cylinder for length gain. The Boston Pump’s Sleeve Master can only fit 2”+ cylinder. So where can I get a sleeve that will fit 1 3/4” cylinder?

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