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Which Lube do you use?


I use ‘J-lube’ which comes in powder form so you mix it with water to whatever thickness you want. Also, it lasts for ever.

I use baby oil, but I’m not a big fan of it.

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I use the tears of a crocodile.

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In Australia, Wet Stuff is the best and the cheapest. It’s available at most supermarkets, water base, comes in large amounts and they even have stuff that warms up when you apply plus you can consume it if you were so inclined. :)

Best lube I’ve come across so far for PE.

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After using olive oil for the longest time, I purchased some “JO”

Not cheap. But easy clean up. And it feels good.

I use ultra sound gel

Liquid Silk Maximus

Water based and glycerin and silicone free for easy clean-up. Can get 2-250ml bottles from Amazon for around $30.

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Originally Posted by gerg
After using olive oil for the longest time, I purchased some “JO”

Not cheap. But easy clean up. And it feels good.

That’s what I’m using. It was relatively cheap. bought it for havin’ fun with the old lady, but she didn’t like it, and I have to admit it drys out and gets tacky pretty quickly. So it became my jelq lube, and it works good for that. And it does clean up easy and doesn’t stain anything it gets on. Silicone based lubes will stain fabrics.

Baby oil. It’s probably the best deal out there in terms of the volume you get for the money.

J-lube, J-lube, J-lube!

I’ve had good luck with Wet Platinum for both jelqing and pumping. I only need a few drops applied strategically, so it lasts a long time.

Another popular choice has been Albolene. Again, very small amounts go a long way.

I’ve recently started experimenting with coconut oil, and that seems to have potential as well. Again, a little goes a long way. It’s solid at normal room temperatures and liquefies at about 77 degrees. It’s also odorless and in the very limited quantities I’ve been using, I haven’t noticed any staining on fabrics. If you wanted it to be a little more liquid at a lower temperature, I would guess you could melt it down, add a little grapeseed oil to it, and then let it cool. I’m sure other oils would work as well; you’d probably want to stick with one of the vegetable/organic oils, though, with mild or no odor. Sunflower oil would probably be another good choice.

Advantages of coconut oil? It’s organic; Wet Platinum is made out of cyclomethicone, dimethiconol and and dimethicone copolyol, and Albolene is made out of petroleum products (mineral oil, petroleum, paraffin, ceresin, and beta carotene)

Coconut oil is also pretty inexpensive at around $6.00 USD for a little less than a quart.

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I use palmer’s cocoa butter formula with vitamin E skin therapy oil. It costs about $9 at walmart and lasts forever. I use it for pumping, jelqing, stroking, handjobs from the wifey & titty bangin’. Works great.

I use Durex Play 2 in 1 because only one drop is enough for whole pumping session and it’s also by far the cheapest (most lubes come in 50-100 ml packages and cost about $20, while Durex comes in 200 ml package and costs less than $10).

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Grape seed oil. I don’t like water-based lubes because they dry out so quickly, especially since I use lots and lots of heat with my PE sessions. Oil-based don’t dry out. Plus they soften the skin nicely. I had been using baby oil, but I found grape seed and it feels SO much better.

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I use Albolene cream, it’s actually a moisturizing cleanser. I read about it in here years ago & have been using it for pumping, jelqing & JO ever since. It’s about $12 for a 12oz tub. the main ingredient is mineral oil, with some petrolatum, paraffin, ceresin, & beta carotene. It’s odorless & tasteless, won’t stain sheets & also works wonderfully as a lube for sex!!! I’m in Calif. & find it at RiteAid drug stores.

Happy New Year & Happy Pumping fellas!!! Oli


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