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Which is the best pump for me to begin with?

Which is the best pump for me to begin with?


I’m starting PE and since I lack a lot in the girth department, I wondered if pumping wouldn’t boost some girth gains fairly fast. From what I’ve read in the Pumper’s Forum, pumping seems to be help gaining girth especially, but also length.
I live in Germany and I need advice on the best brands and models for pumping devices appropiate to my dick size (5,9”x4,6”).
The pump should be equiped with a gauge, easy to handle, comfortable and solid (i.e. long-lasting). And I don’t mind buying a bigger tube once I’ve grown. I’ve read in avocet8’s Pumping 1o1 thread that a tube with a diameter of 1,75” would be appropiate for my girth, is this correct?

I don’t know if, here in Germany, we’ve got the same brands like in the United States, but easiest to go for me would be to order online, so if beside the brands and models you could recommend me the best online shops, that would be fine.

Thanks for your advice.


My personal vote would be for LA Pump
but there are a lot of good pumps out there now.

Start with a 1.75 cylinder, if you buy from LA Pump.



Thanks for your advise.

The PSI Pump with gauge seems very serious, so best would be a deluxe package for 139,95$. The penis cylinder’s diameter would best be 1,75”, but what about length, 8” or 9”? They advise to take 2 to 3 inch more than the length measured on the top side (nbpl I think). Since I’m 5,9” EBPL, what length would fit me best and what is the effect of having a tube which is a bit longer?

What about VacuTech systems? The price is quite similar. Their products are here:

Which manufacturer is better suited for me?

Btw what’s the opinion here on the electric pumping devices, are they more effective?


Take a look at our full line of pumps I think you will like what you see. The safest most enjoyable on the market. We also have the Stud-maker manual complete system very afordable $83.00 shipped but you will need to take a break about every 10 minutes to massage with that model. HAPPY PUMPING…..

Chris @ C.T.C.

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