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Which heating pad is good?

Which heatpat is good?

I have tried two (Dunlup and Sunbam at Walmart) but both are barely warm at high. Could somebody please show me where to get a good one? Store and brand please.


How do you use a heat pad? They are something like 11 x 14” or something in dimensions. The ideal heat pad for me would be something like 6 x 6” (wouldn’t wanna heat the glans directly) so that I can wrap it around and stretch while heating. Anyone come across such a pad?

heating pads

You can’t go by the feel if the proper temperature for plasticity is 115 degrees. I rummaged thru the utensil drawer and found a candy thermometer and wrapped it up in the heating pad to find what setting was 115. So it doesn’t matter what brand you use, as long as you can control the heat.

I’m using the pad while I hang both up and down. The thermometer also allows me to get the correct water temperature for a water bath (in a large mouthed plastic pitcher) while I use a stretcher immediately thereafter. I’ve discovered that I can stretch more comfortably when it’s warm—amazingly even at the 115 degree mark I finish up with a quick cold “bath”, putting some blue ice containers in the water. The cold bath, I think, may work as tempering (in order to quickly cement gains), but we’ll have to see.

The blue ice containers afterwards are ace bandaged to the penis for a cold press for inflammation(in case there is something to the recent threads on using cold afterwards.

I’m not sure, it might reached 115. But feels cooler than a natural erection.

I remembered somebody said the pad should be VERY hot on high.

I have the larger style, it would cover around half your back and I think that’s the designers intention 8-)

I have a much better use and find that wrapping it in a roll around my thick walled cylinder provides a sensational warm place to be for my pumping time. It has ties which I use to keep everthing tidy.

As for heat, I’m not sure. On it’s own it seems to struggle but if I sit on it seems to generate a nice warmth and likewise when rolled around my cylinder.

Skepdick….not any more.

Character is doing what is right when nobody is watching....

>I have tried two (Dunlup and Sunbam at Walmart) but both are barely warm at high.

Add the Homedics $15 pad from Walgreens to the scrap heap. I got one today and am taking it back. Damn these new wimpy heating pads.

My extremely old pad - probably 30+ years old - still works, and gets quite hot on high, but causes loud crackling and buzzing noises in my computer speakers (no other circuit is available). It’s also a bit tattered, and I’m concerned about getting zapped using moist heat. I may wrap it in plastic, disconnect my speakers, and use it anyway.

I am thoroughly sick of the reek of semi-burned rice that is permeating my house from nuking my rice sock so often. Either the smell has built up over time or my sensitivity to it has increased. Whatever the case, I can’t deal with it any longer. New rice didn’t help. Does flax seed smell bad if you overheat it?

Thermophore brand heating pads are pricey, starting at $30 for a small one and going up from there. Has anyone here tried one? If so, are they good for PE? I really want something that I don’t have to screw with that will stay nice and toasty for several hours while I hang.

Try the pad made by Kaz, 12”X15” with a blue pad on the box, available at Target for $12.

Originally Posted by gprent101
Try the pad made by Kaz, 12”X15” with a blue pad on the box, available at Target for $12.

Does it get hot enough on high that you have to remove it from your pubic area (top of penis and ligs) once in a while? My old pad is like this when placed over a wet washcloth.

How many watts? The pathetic thing I’m taking back says 40.

I too am in the market for a good heating pad. A solid recomendation would be excellent before I purchase one. I will be primarily using this pad for warm up/down.


Looks like I never answered Hobby’s question. My pad doesn’t get so hot you can’t take it, but for me, it is plenty hot/warm. I wrap it directly around my cock for the hot wrap and also wrap it around my vacuum cylinder for pumping and the heat penetrates the cylinder no problem. The box does not say what the watts are. I will set it on high to get it warm, then back it off to the next to last highest setting as the pad will last longer at this setting.

It is called the Soft Heat heating pad, made by Kaz, model no. HP710 with a 12’X15” pad with blue cover available in the drug section of Target for $12.99.

Target will replace it no questions asked for 3 months, so keep your receipt.

I also have/use the Kaz heating pad. I don’t know what model it is, but has 4 temp settings and came with a thin blue sponge to get wet for moist heat. I use the 2nd or 3rd temp setting & wrap it around my cylinder & like gprent said it works great & penetrates nicely. The high setting seems too hot…at least for me. I think I got mine @ Target too. I think skeptdick might be right about using it to get it warm faster. Mine doesn’t seem to heat very fast on it’s own, but if I sit on it or wrap it before it’s hot, it seems to heat faster.


I have the thermophore 11”x4” version. It’s probably fine for the purpose it was intended for, but I don’t like it much for PE. The ‘matrix’ of wires is quite coarse inside the cloth, and you can go from feeling almost no heat when barely touching the skin to scalding hot if you press too hard. It also means you get hot spots. I presume that the heat is supposed to dissipate into the cloth to provide a more even gentle heat when just resting on the skin. On top of that it has no thermometer, just a cut out switch to stop it burning.

Some of the devices other guys have mentioned seem much better. I’m currently waiting for delivery of the thermotex platinum infrared pad, but it’s out of stock for the next 4-5 days. Hopefully I’ll be able to report back on that after next weekend.


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