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Which bm To Buy Sizing Exp Help

Which bm To Buy Sizing Exp Help

I would like to buy a bath-mate or regular pump.
Never tried the BM, but used an air with good results.
I’ve done the newbie routine and had gains., but am too lazy to keep up with them. So for sizing I am confused with the bath-mate. I see people saying it’s better to go small get better gains and others saying opposite. My stats just over 7” and girth is 6”. So what pump would be best for me?

If this is in wrong section sorry.

Title threads should be concise but clear, so don’t be lazy next time. Thanks.

evoman8 we have the same size. I am using the Goliath for two years now and I would recommend that. The X40 would fit too now, but as Dude151 said - when you gain it will soon be too small.

BPEL: 6.7 > 7.1 > 8.0

EGM: 5.7 > 6.0 > 6.5

Great thank you for the help

I’ve found a few sites to buy from.,

Price varies of course. Found one for 132.99

On my pleasure box web site. Is that a reliable site or can anyone suggest one?

I would suggest you do buy straight from the manufacturer (Bathmatedirect). But it’s up to you if it’s a store that you trust and is reliable then it won’t make much difference.

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Ok I will buy direct.

A concern is I am exactly barley over 7” and the 6” girth is in the middle of my penis. I don’t want the Goliath to be too large for me. If I get it will I still get expansion even of I am way smaller than the tube?

You will definitely get expansion. My cock is BPEL 7.1” = 180 mm. In the BM Goliath, under full pressure, I get slightly over the 200 mm mark! That is 20 mm expansion in length, almost an inch.

Girthwise - it’s hard to tell when you’re in the BM. But when I come out of the Goliath after a 20 mins session I cannot grip fully around my cock with my hand. So yes, definitely expansion in the Goliath with your size.

Look at my latest pictures here: BMU’s Progress Report

BPEL: 6.7 > 7.1 > 8.0

EGM: 5.7 > 6.0 > 6.5

Bought the Goliath from the bathemate shop USA. Just over 200.00

Hope it comes soon.

Originally Posted by evoman8
Bought the Goliath from the bathemate shop USA. Just over 200.00
Hope it comes soon.

Good luck I’ve had great results with the bathmate

Progressive overload principles,

Goal - 8'' BPEL 6.5'' EG

Consider this matter settled

Bathmate goliath in the mail.

Thank you all for help and suggestions.

Please keep us informed about your experience with the BM once you got it.

BPEL: 6.7 > 7.1 > 8.0

EGM: 5.7 > 6.0 > 6.5

Evoman8, I don’t know what your pumping goals are, but if you get enough money and don’t like the goliath I would go with the Penomet. Its about the size of the X40 I believe, you can actually change the level of suction by changing the gaiters, the gaiters don’t dig into your skin as bad as the bathmate products… trust me you’ll see what I’m talking about, and with a $10 wine vac mod you can actually air pump which is really nice because its a different kind of pump and doesn’t make you dependent on either being cooped up in the bathroom or risking spilling water all in your room. The Penomet is very versatile because of it. I have both the Hercules and the Goliath before I got the Penomet and to me the Penomet is the best.

But don’t get me wrong the Goliath is still a nice product and any of them would be a good supplement to your PE routine.

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