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where to get a pump

where to get a pump

i got the max-vac from my new size, and it is nice but it isnt a “pump”

its more for hanging. and i’ll be doing that also.

but i want a pump, so can someone post a link to some good quality pumps that i can order online.


The pump I would recommend is this Deluxe Pump from Lapdist, or LA Pump. You should be able to just order a cylinder, however, as the pump you just received should have the same connector, but I will point out, that the brass pump from lapdist is one of the best on the market.

If you want help with cylinder sizing, just let me know your erect length and girth. The pump suppliers tend to recommend cylinders on the small size that allow for little expansion. Here is their web site:…tegory_Code=all

thanks for the link and info.

my size is just over 6 in length and 5 in girth.

yup mr. average here.

going for anything between 7 and 8 in length.

and anywhere between 5.5 and 6 in girth.

not a newbie, just one of those off and on guys who doesnt see anything

within a couple months and gets discouraged, then quits.

but am determined this time.with new found motivation.

here hows this for motivation guys;

gone out with same girl for over 3 years, she was a virgin.

now is my ex. but for motivational purposes and to answer a common question on this board. she said she wishes i was bigger.


and i’m not really small, just normal.

anyways just ranting now.

thanks again for your help.

Your girth puts you right on the edge for being able to make a 2” diameter cylinder work. The ideal size cylinder for you would be a 9X1.75 and that will take you up to at least 5.5” girth. Once you are at 5.5” girth, then the perfect cylinder size is 9X2. If you are pressed on the cost issue, you can try the 9X2” first, but you might have difficulty keeping your balls from being sucked into the cylinder.

thanks again.

i’ll do the 9x1.75

You could also go with a mityvac or something similar, and make your own cylinder.

8 nbp| x |5.8"

Stats|:mwink: |Pics!

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