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Where to find caps for cylinders

Where to find caps for cylinders

Where to find clear 1/8’ to 1/4” 2’ and 2.25” clear caps for cylinders or

Some type of cap that has a 1/4” protrusion for connecting 1/4” tubing and that could be glued on a cylinder?

This place is huge, but take your time and I think you will find it:

Funny you mention that,

I have the cap, but I’m looking for the 2.25” clear tube.

Any idea on where you can get these?

Same place - mcmasters.

I have removable rubber caps on mine which you can get from Home Depot or Lowes in the plumbing section.

These are rubber caps and are usually found with the pvc elbows, reducers, and so on. I currently use two different sized endcaps. I have one that’s 1.5” which stretches over my 2” acrylic tube. The second one is for a 2.5” pipe which fits my 2.5” acrylic tube well but I need to use the clamp (included) to get a good seal on my 2.25” acrylic tube.

My preference is with these rubber caps. They are removable which makes it very easy to clean these tubes. You can simply pull the end off, wash it up, and run a towel all the way through it to get it nice and clean.

One other option for ya :)

Boogie Man69 - thanks, I hadn’t thought of those. Did you thread them for a quick disconnect coupling - and if so how did that work out?

The Qwik Cap is solid - same as if you’d glue a flat piece of acrylic to the cylinder except it’s made of rubber. You’d need to drill a hole and fasten your fitting to the rubber cap. I don’t have a quick disconnect coupling myself, I used the npt to 1/8th barbed end and just use a one way air valve from a fish tank (found by the air pumps).

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