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Where to buy Electric Heat Pad Australia

Where to buy Electric Heat Pad Australia

Just wondering if anyone knows where I can get a electric heat pad in Australia?

Or any online place with decent prices because most I’ve found are from the UK and
The Aussie Dollar vs British Pound is awful:(

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What do they look like? All I have seen are those woolly foot-warmers.

What do they look like? All I have seen are those woolly foot-warmers.

On a similar note, have you seen any infra-red lamps in your travels? They used to be everywhere, but now they appear to have been taken off the market; except the professional models for physiotherapists.

Just like a small towel that is heated and is flexible,

Regarding infra red lamps you can usually find the infra red lamps pretty easily at any hardware shops the main thing is finding an actual lamp that can handle it but I’ve seen them in some hardware shops, goodluck

Anyone out there know who sells electric heat pads in Australia?

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Well for anyone interested looks like the only place your going to get one in Australia is either
Off ebay or from your local council if you have a special medically approved condition,

And thats not having a cold shlong:P even amazon don’t ship to australia because the warranty and customer
Service would be unavailable to us Aussies, then pad’s set you back around $40 bucks AU so it’s not too bad I suppose

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I got a small infrared heat lamp at a local petsmart store for about $8 US. I think it’s 100 or 150 watts. They have them for lizards and such. I like it because it’s not the full size bulb and it’s heat can penetrate to my penis through the clear cylinder.

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I live in Japan, but I found one easily enough. I got one that you are suppose to put under a blanket before you sleep to warm your feet. It’s about 24 x 24cm and cosy about $15 US. Try looking for mats that you put under a desk to keep your feet warm, thats where I found this.

Yea it seems like Australia is one of the harder places to get one, but I should be getting mine

Off ebay very soon, very excited to try it out:)

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Yea I just tried it out tonight for pumping, it was great! When I came out of the tube I was warm, usually it’s pretty cold, I need to get some rope or something though so I don’t have to hold it around the tube the whole time PLUS!! and I think this is the best part :) I put it under my sheets about 30 mins ago so it won’t be so cold when I go to bed! LOL

Sounds good you could always use a thick rubber band to wrap around the cylinder too,

Hope mine gets to me soon

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