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Where did you buy your pump from?


Where did you buy your pump from?

I am going to make a “Cylinder” and “Review” poll, but need to know what companies to include, so:

Where did you buy your Cylinder from?

So far, all I can think of are:

1. Lapdist
2. Vacutech
3. Malebridge
4. local Adult Novelty store

I know there are more, so please give me some ideas.

Thanks. :)

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#4. I first went to a pet store and bought the gravel cleaner and then bought the pump from Harbor Freight. I soon melted the gravel cleaner with a heating pad so I got up the nerve to go to a sex shop. I didn’t need the pump so I just bought a cylinder. It’s a decent cylinder but unfortunately it’s red so I can monitor discoloration or red spots accurately while suited up. I could have bought a better cylinder but I would be paying premium for the pump too.

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Hey Sarge: LAPumps—Steve

Lapdist of course.

I have been using a Dr Joels pump from the beginning, bought it at a sex shop for about $90 ( I actually think I got it for free and told the story here but forgot about it). You can pay more but I have been very pleased with my purchase and its been at least two years. I have spent a lot of money on PE stuff over the years and dont hesitate to spend money and I think I got a decent pump setup at a very reasonable price.

You all are still missing the point... The story was great and all but should have ass (and) some anal in it.- RWG

The Lapdist

LA all the way!

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Magnum Penis Pump - 2 1/2” tube with hand pump and pressure gauge. Tube would seem to be way too big but they are fitted with a ‘one-size-fits-all snug latex sleeve that seems to work really well. Have had no ball-sucking problems (sleeve seems to keep ‘the boys’ out nicely).

Only cost $90 (Aussie) and as I only use it for pump’n clamp sessions it does the job really well. Very good value for money.


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North West Pumps. Good Stuff


I got a Kaplan pump from the Play Boy catalog. The funny thing is I called to see what size the cylinder was going to be they said medium I said I wanted extra large. So it took along time because they ran out of pumps. So they sent my money back and said order it again. So I did a week later I received my pump and a week after that I received a check. LOL so some how I made them fuck up the order so it was free. LOL. I’m thinking about selling it because I don’t use it. I did buy a smaller cylinder to.

Lapdist, just got it last thursday.

Originally Posted by 789
I have been using a Dr Joel [Kaplan] pump from the beginning…

Originally Posted by Trigga Mike
I got a Kaplan pump from the Play Boy catalog.

I can’t believe I forgot the (at one time, supposed) “Cadillac” of pumps, the Kaplan. Ha!

So far it seems that Lapdist (LA Pump) is running away with it…

My Before and After pics -- .5" gain...

Big up Lapdist; works like a gem.

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