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When to move up in tube size?


Originally Posted by monstermandingo
This is how I approach most all pump sessions. I’ll start in a 2.25, then roll up to the 2.5. Generally takes 5-10 minutes to pack first tube, then I spend remaining time (however long I planned for that session) in the 2.5, or until I switch to a full package tube.

How long have you been pumping? I don’t pack my 2” cylinder after 6 montht of use, now and then.. maybe my girth is tricky to get because I have only gained lenght..

Originally Posted by gprent
A 1/4” jump in tube diameter or in this case tube elliptic makes quite a large difference in the volume of the tube and is by far the most recommended next step up when increasing tube size. I am afraid a 1/2” increase would be too large and you wouldn’t enjoy the pumping experience as much.

What you should do when you get your new tube, is start off your sessions with the old tube and once you pack it, switch to your new tube and continue your session. This is called staging.

Indeed, sound advice - Thanks!! I went ahead and got the 1/4” wider ellipse - its the perfect progression. I went from a 2.25” wide body to a 2.625” wide body (the measurements are based on the small side) - anyhow, the LA Pump people said that the cylinders run 1/8” in either direction, so I figured I’d split the difference if I could. I asked if they could ship one on the larger end of the spectrum - mission accomplished. Looking forward to packing that one! Nearly 9 inches around.


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