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Whats normal expansion after a pump session?

Whats normal expansion after a pump session?

Hey guys,

I was messing about with an hold pump I have, and I ended up doing 2 5min sets at low hg. After I measured my nbpel and it was 1/4 inch bigger than my usual size.

Is that a normal increase or should it be bigger, because it looks much bigger while in the tube?

I don’t any length increase out of the tube after pumping, consider yourself lucky! :)

I very rarely get any bigger length wise unless I am running a longer,low hg pump session with multiple sets, however I am not really too borthered expanding because my unit has continued to grow. Rodney, that’s decent expansion. I can not comment about it being a normal expansion level or not because we all vary, but that appears good to me and you will always be bigger in the tube owing to the constant expanding force within that cylinder. Remember take time with pumping and always within reasonable pressure as already outlined in Vacuum pumping 101.

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Thanks for the replies guys… this could mean I have good potential for length gains in the tube. Going to have to look into taking a serious approach with pumping.
I think the expansion was mainly in the glans and not the shaft or maybe a bit of both hopefully, but still in the right direction im gunning for.

Phenyo have all your gains been through pumping and do you think they are permanent? Same question for you also RandomGiant.

Thanks and goodluck with your goals.

Couldn’t tell you because I have never been only a pumper; I add in stretching or jelqing as well.

Also, I haven’t been doing it consistently enough to claim significant gains. Just stay at it and don’t overdo it and you should be fine.

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