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Whats all this about being huge ?

Whats all this about being huge ?

Heyas all, (nother new pumper to take care of vets :boogie: )

Okies the question / query … I’ve read quite a bit here now and have been unable to see a post saying that someone cant attain their normal erect size whilst IN the tube(at recommended pressures).

Unfortunately thats what i am experiencing, at least at low pressures.

I pump at 4-5” Hg and reach perhaps 6” in length however my actual BP length is 7.25” . Time in tube is anywhere between 5-15 mins to see if i got some reaction based on time rather than pressure.
Raising the stakes to 8-9” Hg for a few secs before releasing down to 4-5” Hg does the trick although my Cock shrinks before my eyes back down to 6” again if i leave the pressure at 4”Hg again.

I’m using a 2 stage tube first 4” are 1.75” diameter followed by 6” at 2” Diameter.

I pack about the first 3” of the tube.

My erect size is 7.25” BPL X 5.5G (at base) 5.25G midshaft+


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Welcome, brag. The vets will take good care of you, and probably the newbies, too.

How long have you been pumping now? Knowing that might help in answering your question.



/me Looks at watch


I should’ve mentioned I’m new to this(pumping), so far a whole week.

I’ve PE’d on and off for maybe 2 years keeping strictly to a manual routine consisting of stretches & dry Jelqs, unfortunately I was on and off for these 2 years and its something of a new years resolution that I am proceeding with now (to make my member bigger in 03).


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I’ve never used a two-stage tube, if you are talking about one constructed such that the bottom (base) portion is narrower than the top portion is. My guess is (if that’s what you’re describing) you are not getting nearly the overall, consistent length pull you should be getting - uneven distribution of the vacuum pressure? Does that make sense?



Hmm I’ll try a little acsii art.

| ..| —-top
| ..|
| ..|
.| |
.| | —-base

Each line is 2” in length, the base section is 1.75” diameter the top 2” or 2.25” I’ll have to measure it to see.

As I am packing from the base I cant see why there should be any variance in pressure from top to bottom although by its very nature/shape it may be part of the tubes design(flaw?).
I’m not really up on gas flow dynamics so I dont know if the size difference between tube portions creates any change in pressure. If this is the case however whats the point in having a guage as it wont read properly ?

The tube is “meant” to be used for hanging (hook in the top) but obviously I’ll have to max out the bottom portion first to get some purchase before adding weights… or it’ll pop off :(

(I added the full stops to space the lines properly the dont represent anything)

||looking for something to .... about||

I’m a pumping newbie too (<2 weeks) and also find that I can’t reach the same length in the tube as I can without, unless I go to pressures that I just don’t feel comfortable with. I put it down to the extra girth that happens in the tube compared to normal, which is restricting length. I didn’t think much of it as I thought that over time both length and girth would find their optimal, but I’ll watch you post with interest.

I have a 3” x 5” two stage and have spent a fair amount of time in it.

What y’all are experiencing is normal.

A two-stage is meant for pumping balls. Since no one’s as yet come up with a really good way to seal a balls-only tube, a two-stage is used to get the best seal by giving the cock a place to go.

As you’ve found out, balls can’t stand as much vacuum as a cock, so you aren’t going to max out your cock in a two-stage.

Bragg, are you saying that the intended use of your tube is to pack it as much as possible then hang a weight from it? Ouch! How are you supposed to do that? Seems like it would require a lot more vacuum than your balls can stand just to maintain the seal. And you’d have to be lying face down on something and have the tube and weight below you. And even then, the force of the weight isn’t going to go to your balls, it will go to the skin surrounding the seal and pull and stretch it. Have you seen pictures of guys who’ve pumped for hours in a sun tea jar? The mouth of the jar is so much bigger than the circumference around their cock and balls that the surrounding skin of the pubic area got pulled in and bloated. Not a pretty picture IMHO.


"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams

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Hi guys thanks for the replies,

Shiver, Its good to hear someone else is waitiing to see their erect size in the tube… well length anyways :) I’ll update as things change.

Tex3, I think I have confused you at some stage .. sorry .. my balls are nowhere near the tube.

The first 4” are 1.75” Diameter … you are supposed to “pack” this section giving you a good grip for the hang so as not to involve the glans with any weight.

The set was bought at and you’ll find it in the weights/traction section called powerstretch 10.

Obviously i haven’t even considered what sort of weird position I’ll have to be in to comfortably hang (didnt think of this before buying due to a lack of practical experience).


||looking for something to .... about||

OK. I misread it. Obviously ‘two-stage’ means something else to me.

That’s an interesting system and I can see how it might work.

About your original question I pump longer than erect after 20 - 30 minutes in a straight tube and don’t pack 100%.


"Sadly, however, seconds after its launch, it undergoes SMEF, or Spontaneous Massive Existence Failure,and disappears." Douglas Adams

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