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what size cylinder

what size cylinder

guys I am getting ready to start pumping with my homemade pump made from the proquatics gravel cleaner cylinder and a mityvac pump. One size cylinder is 10 by 2 the other is 9 by 1 5/8. I am about 6.5 to 6.7 by 4.5 to 4.7 nbp. What size tube should I get to start out with.

Hey there,

2” Dia is 6.3” girth
1 5/8” Dia is 5.1” girth

So if your around 4.7 circumference at the moment go for the smaller one which should do you well for 6+ months unless you gain girth easily. Any length 2” over your EBP length will do.


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Actually just wondering are the sizes quoted (10X2, 9X1 5/8) outer or inner diameters ? If they are outer diameters the smaller one will be too tight as the wall width will come off the size.


||looking for something to .... about||

9X1 5/8 (ID) should be right to get you started. The 2.0 inch ID would be just a little too big for you I think.

Without posting a seperate thread, can I ask the same question of the pro’s please?
I am currently gathering all the info I need to make a sound first purchase.

I am currently just a tad over 5.5” around, with a full blown stiffy. It is nearly 2” across (maybe 1.8”?), but just under that, “up and down ways” (about 1.7”)…..

Should I go for the 2” tube, because sideways there would otherwise be no room for expansion? Is that a problem? I mean, if I expand to pack the tube sideways, I would still have a 1/4” to go the other way to pack, and that’s OK?

Another question is that the common length that seems to be available is about 10”. Well since I am very close to that, stretched out in the tube I feel that I might hit the end too soon, especially if I unexpectedly started to gain length (which I am not aiming for at all) Should I go for 11”, 12”, or what?


The 2 inch diameter tube will take you up to a girth of at least 6.3 inches, and when you pack it, you will of course be very circular when you do, and you might like the added symmetry. lapdist has tubes of various lengths, so just order what you feel comfortable with. The 12 would be very safe for optimistic growth potential.

I started pumping again and started with a 2” cyilnder to accomodate my 5.5” (?) base girth. It is so tight at the base that I ordered a 2.25” diameter cylinder. It is a little loose but I do fill the base within a couple minutes with less than 5 HG pressure.

So I’m asking if there is a way to customize the size to fit a little better? I tried to stretch an innertube over the 2.25” and it would not stretch that far. Anybody else out ther “between sizes?”

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