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What pump to buy


What pump to buy

I am looking for a pump. What is the best one to purchase? I have heard Dr. Kaplan has a good one. Anyone know the link for his

Site to purchase? Thanks.

Ya but this one is the erectile dysfunction edition.

I done have erectile dysfunction!!

And is this a real Kaplan pump?

So what if it is also for ED? Just because a pill makes you lose weight and HELPS you gain lots of muscle doesn’t mean you are not going to use it because you are NOT fat.

Like I said.. Do I have to chew your food for you ? Search google- Dr.Kaplan penis enlargement pumps, etc.

I second Lapdist, just received my pump from them about a week or two ago and the workouts are going great I’m glad I decided to get a quality pump and not a cheaply made one.

No need to get nervous. I’m also a newbie and would like to try a pump but have no idea which one to use. Is there a post about different types of pumps with different specs?

Originally Posted by Asics
No need to get nervous. I’m also a newbie and would like to try a pump but have no idea which one to use. Is there a post about different types of pumps with different specs?

Discussion on different pumps are scattered throughout the various posts in the Pumper’s Forum. Anything better than the cheapest pumps will come in different sizes, and you want to get the right size.

If you’ve read through the various posts in this forum, I hope that you have learned by now that you want a pump with a gauge. Metal is generally more durable than plastic.

There’s more to selecting a pump than just the pump, of course. There are choices in cylinders as well. There are regular and thickwall; cylinders with a flared base and cylinders with base that is not flared. Some cylinders are tapered, and some are not.

So many choices! How do you make the right one?

Make sure you get the right cylinder size: Selecting Your Cylinder Size.

Tapered versus straightsided and regular versus thickwall are more a matter of personal preference.

Personally, I like VacuTech My tube is a straightsided thickwall tube, and I have a metal pump with gauge from Harbor Freight…temnumber=92474.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

One other thought on picking out a tube. Mgus has a signature line which, in part, reads:

Originally Posted by mgus
Taped onto the dashboard of a car at a junkyard, I once found the following: “Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement.” The car was crashed.

The good news is, you can vicariously gain good judgment by learning from the bad judgment and experience of others.

Invest in a good pump (the Harborfreight pump is a good one), and a good cylinder, but realize that even if all works out perfectly, this may not be your last cylinder. You may learn things through gaining experience with pumping that will lead you to a different choice in your next cylinder. Buy a flared base cylinder, and you may decide to buy a thickwall non-flared based for your next cylinder (or vice versa).

A good number of pumpers use more than one cylinder anyway in different sizes at different times for different reasons. The important thing is, do your best to get the right cylinder size to start with, and start getting some experience of your own.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

Originally Posted by Okish6er

All you had to do was do a google search. Must I chew your food too ?

I just recently bought the same pump.. <3 it so far..

Although I bought it on ebay for $69 with shipping.. :)

Guys: I’m a long time vet. BUY AN ALL METAL PUMP ALL plastic one will eventually break and you’ve wasted you money—Steve

So , to clarify .

A pump is the mechanical device used to create vacuum pressure in a cylinder , or other device , say like an auto brake bleeding tool .

There are many choices , metal , plastic , trigger , plunger , squeeze bulb .

The Mighty Vac seems to be the most popular here .

A vacuum cylinder is the device that you place your penis into , and then attach your pump to , and use to increase the size of your penis .

Personally , I prefer the very well built , and ultra comfortable Velseal cylinders from Pumptoys .

Kaplan , LA pdist , and Boston Pump are all popular units .

Avoid petroleum based lubes that may corrode seals and shorten the life of your cylinder .

All right. I’d like to buy a set with a metal pump that will not hurt the ligaments at the base of my penis. Can someone give me a link for such a pump? If you have links from Canada, I would appreciate it since it would make S&H easier. Thank you.

P.S. Trust me, I’m not doing it on purpose, but I really have no idea about this topic.

Originally Posted by Asics
After reading a bit, I am considering to buy the pump from LA Pumps…tegory_Code=all (if anyone has something negative to say about this pump, pls tell me). However, I want a cylinder that is comfortable. What do you think about this one? Http://…al/overview.htm

Now, if I understood correctly, all I need is: pump, cylinder and lube. Am I correct?

Nothing wrong with either of those choices, as long as you don’t mind paying more than you have to. The LAPump you cite for $60 plus shipping and handling is the same as the Harbor Freight pump…temnumber=92474 for $17 plus shipping and handling. The LAPump DOES include the male adapter that you need; if you buy the Harbor Freight pump, you need to buy the male adapter somewhere else such as; part number 5012K251. You still save money.

The VelSeal pump from Zoinkers for $109 may not be a bad deal, since it includes free shipping. Direct from PumpToys, it’s $100 plus shipping and handling.

For Lampwick, becoming hung like a donkey was the result of a total commitment.

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