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What happens if I increase time rapidly?

What happens if I increase time rapidly?

Last Saturday, I started pumping and have been doing one ten minute session per day, with the exception of off days. Today, everything was going really good and next thing I knew, I had looked at the clock and 20 minutes had gone by. When I removed the cylinder, everything seemed fine. There were no blisters and I didn’t experience any pain during. Could this indicate that I’m ready for longer durations in the cylinder or should I continue increasing time at a more conservative pace?

BTW, I pump at 5 in Hg.

Well, apparently you can go somewhat longer than 10 minutes without negative effects at least this time. If you stay at low vacuum (which seems to be more effective for a lot of guys, incidently),andincrease your time a little more gradually, you should be OK.

I’d not ramp up by doubling the time again, though. Gradual might be a better bet! Good luck!

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Total time for most will exceed an hour; however, time between set MUST be observed especially in the beginning. Make sure that you break for at least two minutes and jelq during that time. Your rewards will be great. As clgp7 stated: Watch that vacuum and keep it low. Conditioning is a slow mistress. Increase your total time by minutes a session. A blister will slow you down by weeks and revert you efforts.

Thanks guys. This is exactly the advice I needed. Please, keep it coming.

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