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What am I doing wrong? Can't get a seal

What am I doing wrong? Can't get a seal

Ok, I dunno what I’m doing wrong. I get the pump, put my penis in it and push the cylinder against my groin AS HARD as I can. It literally hurts my arm I shove it on so hard to ensure there is a good seal…but….I pump, and the guage doesnt move. My penis doesnt move. It just isnt working! What are some tips for getting a good seal? I have tried moving it around and everything but I cant seem to get a ‘seal’. I have very little body fat and pretty much no fat pad, could this be making it harder?

Hard to reply without a little more detail on what type of gear you are using. I have a thick walled boston pump works 1.75 & 2” with automotive style steel pump.

Some things that stop a good seal for me:

1. Pubic hair - have you trimmed?
2. Faulty connection/valve - unlikley if new gear but possible.
3. Forgot to tighten the release valve screw on pump.
4. Not enough lube - I now use pure coconut oil and it’s great.

Other possibles:

5. Cylinder may be a little too big.

Maybe other can chime in.


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Yat… We can figure this out relatively easy. Now your girth is 5.5” what tube diameter do you have? What pump do you have? First thing; put your tube on a fatty part of your body like stomach or thigh press down and pump. If you get a good seal then the pump is not sealing around your cock. If you are not getting a sealed pump then you will have to look closely at the pump. First thing; pull the tube off (the one that runs right out of the pump itself) put your finger over the spicket (you know the metal thing that the tube slides into) Pump once, that should be enough to get like 5-10 mm-Hg. If you get that, your pump works. After that you have to check all the connections, by repeating the procedure with your finger. If you find that you do have a leaky seal use Teflon tape around the threads. This should help. Let us know how it’s going.

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Sounds like a loose connection. Check the connector screwed into the top of the cylinder. Make sure when you connect the hose to this connector it “clicks” into place.

What kind of lube are you using?

try a little Vaseline around the lip of the tube,put on like normal and twist it a few times then pump.

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Try to find out if the problem is in the pump or your body. Put the pump on a part of your body that’s fairly flat with little or no hair, like your stomach. Depends on how hairy you are. Or, find a piece of neoprene rubber and try it on that. Better than that, how about your girl friends ass.!! Tell her its for a good cause, just kidding. If you can get a good seal with some lube in this way then its probably your crotch. Maybe more trimming or shaving is in order.

If you test the pump on another surface and you still cant get a good seal then its probably the pump.

You may have to shave your pubic hairs also. And you may have to put your finger over the vacuum release hole

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