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Went From Bathmate To Air Pump


Went From Bathmate To Air Pump

I’ve been using the bathmate for months. I slowly pump up until I’m at max pump and keep it on for 35 minutes or so. I know many would advise against this amount of time with the intense pump of the bathmate, but if had no problems and have gotten some girth gain.

Today I used an air pump for the first time. I proceeded cautiously since it is a different kind of pump. I slowly pumped up to 5hg, and then took it off after 15 minutes. I hardly got anything out of it. Didn’t feel like a good session at all compared to the bathmate. Threads I’ve read said not to go over 5hg.

The air pump was nothing like the BM. Am I just conditioned enough to go bigger with the air pump?

Did you use the right cylinder size? That has a lot to do with it.

Yes. My base girth is 5 5/8, and I bought a 2” cylinder.

What’s the pressure you were pumping in the BM with?

I’ve tested the pressure on my BM. Used as directed, it typically maxes out around 10”hg.

Marinera, if ferservadu is correct, then approximately 10 hg.

Then that’s why you don’t feel much. :)

Don’t exceed 5HG with the air pump, too stressful and you will mostly get temporary bloat and you may damage capillaries. Pumping gains = marathon, not a sprint. Low pressure, longer times in the tube.

Thanks for the input. It really is so much different than water pumping. I already see that you need to be more careful with the air pump. Yesterday, I did not exceed 5hg, and I kept it on for 35 minutes. It was a good pump, but I experienced slight discoloration that I’ve never seen with the BM.

Doesn’t matter if it is water or air, pressure is pressure, so 10 hg is too much anyway (according to pumping professionals, which I’m not).

Yes, I agreed that air pumping is way much different than bathmate pumping!

But take the advice and stay around 5 hg when you pumping with air and go for longer sets.. .that’s the way to go with air pumping.

Starting size: 7.48" X 5.51" Currently: 10.1" X 6.4"

Heat is the key!

Monochrome, which do you prefer, and do you feel that one is more effective?

I like to pumping with my bathmate and respond better with it.. than air pumping.

Many will say the pressure is to high, but I’m used to it and have no problem with that.

I have tried both and doin only bathmate now.. and yes!.. for me is more effective!

Starting size: 7.48" X 5.51" Currently: 10.1" X 6.4"

Heat is the key!

I love the BM, but I liked the idea of not needing water. But now I need lube. I hope I get into using the air pump after spending the money.

And I just feel like if you never go above 5hg, you won’t continue to grow inside the tube. Kinda like quitting your bench press at a certain weight as you were still getting stronger, but now you won’t bet stronger because you don’t increase your weight anymore. Now I know my pecs aren’t the same as my penis, and I’m definitely listening to the warning to not go above 5hg, but I’m still trying to understand this concept.

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