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Water pumping with cold water - The theory-The Experiment


E211, I did not measure recently. But sure, my unit is bigger when in the pump, than just regular erect.

Srtarting stats (may 09): 16 cm (6.3") BPEL x 14 cm (5.5") EG.

August: 16,5 cm (6.5") BPEL x 14.2 cm (5.6") EG

Long term goal is the same as everyone else's on here, it seems. 8 x 6 appears to be the holy grail. :)

I do not speak English, but I’m interested in this topic

Yesterday I started using cold water and pumping water, driven by the post: cold water pumping


Inicio: 17bp x 13 EG - 10/08: 18,5 BP x 13,5 EG - 08/09: 18BP x 14 09/10: 18,5 BPx14,5 EG 11/10: 19 BP x 14,50 EG

"Si buscas resultados distintos, no hagas siempre lo mismo." Albert Eistein "Si buscas resultados distintos, no hagas siempre lo mismo. Idiota!!!!" Claudiorz

Hi, I’m a newbie try to get information for stretching my penis, is the bath mate really working out ?

How often do you working on it and how long do you do?

Is it also working on standing shower ?

If you are a newbie - welcome, by the way - please read the first thread on the Newbie forum, follow the Newbie routine for a few months. Then follow it a few more. Then you might consider buying stuff.

regards, mgus

Taped onto the dashboard of a car at a junkyard, I once found the following: "Good judgement comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgement." The car was crashed.

Primary goal: To have an EQ above average (i.e. streetsmart, compassionate about life and happy) Secondary goal: to make an anagram of my signature denoting how I feel about my gains


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