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Water Pumping Doubts


Water Pumping Doubts

I have been water pumping for two months. I found that I had better expansion in the tube, less discoloration, and less fluid build up. I was a fan. But today I tried something that has soured my enthusiasm. I pumped without enough water to cover my dick, and noticed that where I stuck up out of the water I was thinner, a lot thinner, like 0.25”. The great expansion I was witnessing seems like it was an optical illusion. I was basically looking at my dick through a magnifying glass, no wonder I loved it. I finished the session without water. Now I am reconsidering all my water pumping experiences. Without water, at 5Hg, I felt more stretch than than I did at 8Hg with water, and the “stretched feeling” is lasting like it used to in my first few months. This makes me wonder if the other positives of water, less fluid and discoloration, are because my dick was simply under less vacuum.

Before abandoning water pumping altogether, I decided to do an experiment today to test my impression that water was merely magnifying my dick’s appearance. I filled my cylinder up halfway with water (upside down with the hose disconnected) and then stuck a dildo of my girlfriend’s in so that only half of the shaft was covered. The dildo appeared to be a lot larger in the water, about a half inch larger. I’m talking diameter here, so at least 1.5” of seeming girth was added. I tried to move the dildo back and forth, left and right, to see if that affected magnification. It did, but there was no position at which no magnification occurred. I guess I can’t definitively conclude that expansion in water is no greater than without, but I was definitely not getting the astounding expansion I thought I was.

Bathmate Pumping

What difference does it make how big it looks in the tube? I water pump with a Bathmate, and what comes out is much larger than what went in. I try to fill the tube to the brim. It doesn’t feel right half full.


I was into water pumping because I believed that it was superior to air pumping , a belief based largely on how I looked in the tube. I’m not claiming that water pumping doesn’t work, just doubting that I am getting better results worth the extra hassle. I don’t use a Bathmate, I use a regular pump being careful not to get any water in the hose. In case anyone wants to try this, disconnect the hose from the tube, pour some water in the tube (3/4 cup was right for me), put your dick in and press the tube to your body, flip the tube up so the water covers your unit but make sure that there is air at the top, reconnect hose and pump. To disconnect, release vacuum while holding tube against your body, then stand and pull tube off with opening facing up. As you can see, for me, regular pumping is a lot less tricky, if the addition of water is not better then it is not worth it.

Since I am using very warm water for my full package pumping in a large STJ, the large quantity of water holds the heat for at least an hour and that is great for expansion results. Since you are pumping with water in a regular tube, the small amount of water loses the heat and therefore this benefit, unless of course your also wrap your tube in a heat pad.

I also think being fully immersed in water helps keeps discoloration to a minimum and for me the expansion results last all day. So less trauma and better results is good enough incentive for me.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

Thanks for your input, Gprent. I did use a heat pad when pumping with water, and started with water as warm as I could handle. However, it feels like more heat on my unit without water, though this could just be due to the heat not getting distributed as well. In the past two weeks I have been pumping without water and have not noticed any decline in post pump flaccid, in fact, it seems a little better. As far as discoloration goes, it declined when I started water pumping, but has not returned when I resumed regular pumping. Overall, I find that I am getting better results with regular pumping, though I realize that disappointment is colouring my perception, which is why I am seeking advice from my fellow pumpers.

Your own perception is most important in PE. Do whatever you think is working best.

The primary goal of PE should be to make your penis as healthy as possible in both form and function. If you do that, increased size will follow.

I never tried air pumping, but I started my PE with Bathmate and in only a month I gained .75” BPEL and .5” EG.. I’ve since added hanging and the ADS at night while sleeping and I’ve gained another .25” BPEL and .25” EG.. And I am SIGNIFICANTLY bigger when I come out of the bathmate. Like others here, it lasts (depending on the temperature, and any adrenaline -makes your penis shrink fast- lifting weight or running hard make me pump adrenaline) several hours to all day long. The reason I like the Bathmate is it is very hard and painful to over pump.. Since it is like a giant shock absorber, when it is fully compressed, you can’t get much more suction out of it.. And since water does not compress, it acts like a solid, so you don’t get any compressed air pockets, so the water pulls equally on every part of your penis.

I think it’s just safer personally.

Is there only one size for the bathmate?

Later - ttt

Just wanted to info that skepticalOne pretty sure is bathmate salesman. He has been flaming bathmate in several other forums. Just my 2 cent.

Originally Posted by Zazu
Just wanted to info that skepticalOne pretty sure is bathmate salesman. He has been flaming bathmate in several other forums. Just my 2 cent.

ha ha ha ha hahah flaming??? isn’t flaming when you say bad things??

The only other forum I belong to is and all I can say is I am super pleased with the bathmate. I am also a very enthusiastic person (read all my threads)… and a guy at the other furm named BiggerBone told me the same thing, that I was a bathmate sales person… Well, when you are excited about something, you can’t hold it in.. I just want to share my joy…

Also, like I told him, I am not now, nor have I ever been , nor do I plan to ever be affiilated with bathmate in anyway.

I bet Zazu has never actually tried the bathmate…

Now for the record… I do not believe bathmate is anywhere near as good as hanging. But I didn’t find hanging until after I got my bathmate and I did get great results so …now I just do bathmate twice a day for 20 minutes and I don’t go to max pressure anymore (since I go twice a day).

But for that first month, I just did once a day for 20 minutes per day.

I’m 45 yrs old, and as I posted on the other forum and this one, I think much of my gain initially was as Bib put it, lost length.

Hi Skeptic!

So now you do 20 min twice a day, at less vacuum? Why did you change your routine?

You also said you like it because, “it is very hard and painful to over pump”…do you mean that when you over pump it hurts? Or do you mean its difficult to over pump AND its painful?

I’m asking because I am experimenting with a homemade “bathmate” type of thing and I am trying to figure out the ideal vacuum level and time, so I appreciate your input.

Hey Sparkyx,

Yeah, I am now vacillating between 2 bathmate sessions and 1… I am so excited about my hanging results, that I am wanting to spend any extra time hanging rather than in the bathmate…

Oh and the less vacuum becuase if I got to max vacuume I can get bruised and have a sore penis to the point I don’t want to do another BM session. So if I’m going to do 2 sessions, I do them both at about 80% of what I know I can do …I know I can go to 175 mm if I squeeze with all my might (and I’m a very strong guy) but I now only go to about 155mm (marking on the outside of the BM…it correlates to about 6.0” I think) I know 200mm is 8”… to the point where it just feels like a REALLY, REALLY hard boner. When I go to max it feels like I’m going to rip the skin right off my shaft and pop my head! ha ha hah no kidding.

So for sure one session 20 minutes a day, and sometimes 2. But all of my initial gains from only the bathmate were once a day 20 minutes as maximum pain tolerance.

Now as for the pain… what I mean is that becuase it is like a shock cover (the part that compresses) when you get it really compressed, it is sucking the folds of your skin into the creases and it can be quite a matter of fact, I have a high pain tolerance and the pain was limiting my ability to reach maximum vacuum… a guy on another forum suggested vaseline and it worked like a charm, I use it every time now.

But as you get to the point where you cannot compress the shock absorber sleeve thingy any further, it begins to hurt pretty severely at the base of your penis where you are widest and thus have the most skin being deformed into the shock shape.

If you ask me, it is a serious design flaw and if you came out with even the exact same thing only with the shock part on the top where it won’t touch the penis, you would have a serious winner.

I’d be happy to try your model out (you could just post your design or send me one) if you like…

I think a regular air pump modified for water would be a superior product. I hope that’s what you’re doing?

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