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Water pumping. can't seem to pump without red spots

Water pumping. can't seem to pump without red spots

I have a cheap, gauge-less pump that I have tried in the past with air and received little visible results, but plenty of red spots. Using it with water instead seems quite a bit more effective, but I run into the same red spot issue. After having read plenty of threads here, I know that it is very difficult to tell the level of vacuum without a gauge, but it seems like many pump with water instead of air and do so effectively. A gauge can’t be used while water pumping anyway, correct? How is this done safely?

I’ve tried to water pump and use seemingly low pressures with trial and error, but it seems like one session one day for a given amount of time and (seeming) pressure that nets little discoloration can result in very bad visual results another day with the same time and pressure. I’ve made enough mistakes this way to where there is significant shaft discoloration, and it seems to match up visually with the small blood vessel networks in the shaft skin. Thankfully I don’t seem to have any real erection issues, but I feel like issues will be inevitable if I continue going this way. I have some girth goals that I feel like would be well served by regular, longer, low vacuum pump sessions, but I don’t think I can afford to keep rolling the dice like I have been.

I’m a healthy 30-something that exercises regularly and has a good diet, so I think it unlikely that my blood vessels themselves are weak.. Does anyone else here have problems with red spots/broken vessels and pumping?

Try pumping on really low pressure so that no red spots appear then slowly increase the pressure to find when spots appear.

Use mildly warm water, not hot. Only few deegres warmer then body temperature.

I use to pump only 4-5 minutes, ‘inspect’ penis for couple of seconds, return it back into a tube, put water to fill it up, and start another session. So I repeat it for 4-5 times, for excercise which in total is 20-25 minutes.

Of coarse, low pressure.

I don’t use my pump any more, because I start newbie routine a month after I bought pump. And reason is because I discover Thundersplace, and start to listen advices.

But, unfortunately, after 13-14 weeks ( more then 4 month) I dont see any progress.

Feel stupid, because after 1-1,5 month of water pumping I got a great plump, some girth growth, and maybe even a lenght growth. :-(

I use a water vacuum pump and have had red spots. I know that some members say you can warm up with the vacuum pump but I warm up with warm water in a jug, hanging penis and balls for about two minutes, then put the vacuum pump on with warm water and low pressure, if you use too much pressure at first you can feel it, and after 5 mins take the pump off, jelk and put the pump on again and build a higher pressure. Repeat about 4 times, finish with the jug of warm water then jelk a minute or two.

During the day hang in a jug of warm water, balls as well, jelk, do this three or four times and if you have discolouration or red spots this brings the skin back to normal. You can then pump daily without increasing red spots or discolouration.

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