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You say that when going for length that it’s best to pump up to 1/4 inch under max BPEL. So if max erect length is 8 inch I should pump up to 7,75 inch? For me it sound logic to pump a bit over max length, don’t see why there would be any length gains if the penis doesn’t get pushed over the normal length. When I pump in my bathmate I go for max pressure, trying to go as far up in the tie I can. Maybe this is the wrong approach.

Ive been water pumping for two weeks now, I’m using a latex ring(it came with the pump and the hole is cut larger) and there is no water leaking. I fill the tube to 4/5 with water and when i lean back, with 2 pumps all the air is out. My pump was equipted with a blood pressure meter fist pump. the rest of the water i pump to sink

If you want to get the most out of water pumping you need to make sure there is no air in your cylinder, the displacement you get with water

Is far more mechanically efficient than with air so any air in the system reduces that advantage.

Disconnect or pinch the hose and try milking the tube with two thirds water and then try it full and you will feel a big difference.

Originally Posted by Renholder
So, is no one stepping up and defending air pumping? :) Does the veteran pumpers have something to add? Avocet? Gprent? Peforeal?

It seems to me that water pumping is probably superior for length, but I`m curious if regular air pumping might be just as good for girth expansion.

Let me clarify my position here. If you are getting results from air pumping to your satisfaction, no need to water pump. If you aren’t give water pumping a try. Simple.


I have long since given up using the LUV method to water pump. I was unable to make any gains with it. Subsequently a few months ago, I tried water pumping again, but this time with an over flow cup and the hand pump to use the gauge. I found both below and above 5 in hg, I don’t make gains, at least with the time frame I was using. When I started using 5 in hg for 10 minutes, I started to get increasing LUV (length under vacuum).

I have gained about 1/4 in of LUV in about 2 months, plus really good EQ. So, for guys like me that apparently are VERY sensitive to even small vacuum level changes, it might be best to try using the gauge and over flow cup method to precisely monitor your vacuum levels.

I am still convinced that water pumping is a wonderful method. This is not to say its better than any other, rather its just another avenue to try if you are not satisfied with your current approach.

On this page on this thread I discuss it in more depth in two posts (same page).
sparkyx - Why do they say pumping is not permanent but clamping is?

Good luck and good gains!

Originally Posted by capernicus1
If you want to get the most out of water pumping you need to make sure there is no air in your cylinder, the displacement you get with water
Is far more mechanically efficient than with air so any air in the system reduces that advantage.
Disconnect or pinch the hose and try milking the tube with two thirds water and then try it full and you will feel a big difference.


Water is non-compressible, and I assume non-expandable, therefore there is no “lag” in the force transmission to the deeper tissues of the penis. This is why I say “you get more bang for your buck” with water pumping. 5 in hg will draw max expansion for that vacuum force. Air has some give to it, and seems to allow more of the stress to go to the surface tissue than water does.

If you milk the tube up another 2 in hg with water, you will get more expansion than you will with air. It feels “springy” when you pull on a air filled cylinder, when you pull on a water filled tube, you feel all of that force going toward expansion with no “lag”.

Exactly !

If the air compresses easier than your penis stretches most of the applied force is wasted, with water it’s pretty much transfered directly.

Just tried water pumping after finding this thread, Great!

Sparkyx, as I don’t have a gauge I tried your old LUV method. Have you compared your LUV measurement vs the 5 in?

The LUV method is a rough replacement for a gauge, but it can never be as accurate. For many guys, who aren’t very sensitive to vacuum differences, they will do fine with the LUV method. If you find you cannot make gains with the LUV method, it might be worth the investment to get a pump with a gauge. From Harbor Freight Tools it’s under $30.00.

I haven’t measured the LUV method with a pump, it would be interesting to see what vacuum levels it is creating.

Do you advise keep the tube warm while pumping, or let it cool down?

If i keep te tube hot, i get good expansion, when i let it cool down and the expansion goes quickly away.

Excuse me for sounding stupid, but all of this water vs. Air debate seems pointless.
Your dick is the limiting factor here. It doesn’t matter if the force applied is from air, water, or 7 whores squeezing your dick, it can only stretch so far and that is it.

I have already reached the limits of what my dick can take using air.
How is using water going to change that?

Personally i have found with water i get better expansion at less pressure which equals less discolouration, less fluid build up and greater comfort with the

added benefit of moist heat, that in turn means longer sessions which equals better expansion etc,

You get the picture.

Originally Posted by jlichtenberg
After having re-read part of this thread, it seems I waterpump in a quite different way. So maybe some of you can learn something - or maybe I can become much smarter.

After having pumped for 3 weeks, I switched to water pumping, which I have done now for 3 weeks as well. This is much more pleasent. I just had to work around the problems of the water being pretty messy, so this is what I do:

1) Since I have/had a problem with a strong curve and a strong erection that caused the penis to hit the wall of the tube, I tried to pump just before going to bed - I am more tired there, and the erection is less strong.

2) I fill a small tub with tempered water and take two towels: Put one on the floor and one on the couch - then I place the tub on the towel on the floor and add some olive oil to the water.

3) For warming up, I fill the tube 2/3 with the water and go into the tube flaccid with my foreskin on (I am uncircumsized). I stay there for one minute.

4) Now warm, I pull out, pull my foreskin back, empty the tube, put in a little olive oil, fill the 1/2 with water from the tub and go into the tube - still flaccid. Then I attach the gauge and the hose. I place the tube so the top of the tube is filled with air, the bottom with my flaccid dick in it is filled with water. Then I slowly pump into a moderate pressure - around 2,5-3 Hg. (If working out and lifting weights, you never go directly to the maximum, you always gradually increase weight, so the same principle is used here). I stay here for a 5-10 minutes. Notice that a) I never really get a erection in the tube, but the flaccid dick is pumped up. B) I actually do use the measurement on the gauge. You have to be very careful not to get water into the hose and into the gauge.

5) I slowly deflate, pull out, I am having a larger flaccid hang. I do around 30 very very soft jelqs. This is not actually to jelq, but more to move blood around.

6) Still a little larger (but still somewhat flaccid), I put a little olive oil into the tube again and go back into the tube. Again I slowly increase pressure (around 1-2 minutes), but this time I first stop at 4-5 Hg. I stay here for 5-10 minutes. After these three weeks it is more often 10 minutes than 5 (and sometimes a little more). I still uge the gauge to measure the pressure. Here the water is almost sucked all the way to the top of the tube, and almost go into the hose. Sometimes I even have to pump to water into the hose. I then unattach the hose, empty it, reattach it and increase a little more. It all depends on, how much you fill into the tube: The higher the pressure, the less water you should put into the hose in the first place. Around 4-5 Hg, you have to fill the tube with less than 50%.

The frequency: I try to do 2 days on, 1 day off. And I only pump once a day before going to bed.

So here are a few questions to you experienced guys:

1) It is ok never to get the full erection in the tube?
2) It seems that most guys make a mark on the side of the tube. I measure with the gauge. Pros and cons?
3) It this a good routine (pressure, frequency, not filling the tube entirely with water)?


This procedure compared to air pumping..
1. I stick my dick in the tube, I start pumping.

Yeah, I got the picture.


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