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Want to purchase a air pump. Any recommends?


Originally Posted by Sparkplug

I found an electric pump called Ambassador that works great. 4 settings of vacuum. I use the lowest setting. It was a bit over $100, 8 inch long cylinder x 2.5 in diameter, recharges on USB, disassembles for easy cleaning.

Thank you for your advice! But I believe I will stick to the pump that one of the previous posts mentions.

LeLuv is pretty good quality.

Originally Posted by gprent

I have lots of pumping equipment including the exact items for sale on that Ebay link. It is quality equipment. Remember also, the price includes shipping and I have purchased from this guy and he ships fast.

Well, the pump from Ebay is out of stock. I may need to wait a bit.

Just got my LeLuv in the mail (just buy form their website its cheaper). It’s really nice other than the fact the measuring is a sticker. Not sure how long that will last.

If I had the money or knew I was going to keep pumping for a while I would buy a VelSeal for sure.

Originally Posted by gprent
This is a perfect starter pump that can last you several years:…49TEAncucdS3sFw

Figure out your cylinder size here. All cylinders are 9” long so just select your cylinder diameter based on your girth:

Selecting Your Cylinder Size

I’m considering getting this entry level pump on eBay. I also may want to try water pumping too, though. Would it be better just to get Leluv’s cylinder, and a brake bleeder automotive pump, and have the ability to use it for water and air pumping? Would I need any extra parts to make it work for both? I strangely cannot find in this forum where someone has done it, though several have mentioned the brake bleeder pump. Maybe it is just that simple?

Or does memento’s post describe everything I need? I didn’t even get to the second page when I replied but now that I’m there memento’s post sounds like everything I just asked. Correct me if I’m wrong. Or would that setup be suitable for air pumping only?

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