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Want to buy a waterproof penis pump

Want to buy a waterproof penis pump

I want to buy a simple hand pump to use in the shower. Can anyone on this forum recommend a pump for this purpose?

I take it that, in fact, you are just looking for a simple gauge-less pump, and that you already have the male adapter and a cylinder?

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I want to buy a cylinder and a pump with a pressure gauge. The pump have to be water proof.

Don’t know of any waterproof pump. If you are serious about pumping, get an LA cylinder ($89) and Harbor Freight pump ($30 - $$18 with coupon).Than air pump for a while until you develop a feel for various levels of vacuum. You could use the pump for water pumping, but after a while (maybe a year or so) the water may effect the interior parts. However, you can disconnect the pump from the hose and use your mouth on the end of the hose tube to create a vacuum in the water filled cylinder by sucking out the water until you feel the right vacuum based on your experience with the gauge when air pumping.


If you are asking about where to buy a pump it helps us to help you if you tell us whereabouts in the world you live

Then it is much easier for us to give you useful advice

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Let me rephrase: I just want buy a pump. It could be from lapdist, vacutech, pumptoys, whatever. I’m just wondering if someone on this forum pump in the shower. And if so, have they been broken by the water. And if you are wondering why I haven’t asked the manufacturers about the same, then the answer is that I have; they never replied.

Here is the deal. If you buy a pump with a gauge and water gets into the gauge, it will ruin the gauge. The easiest way to water pump in the shower is to buy a bathmate, but that doesn’t have a gauge and you have to be a little careful with using too much pressure.

For just starting out, I would strongly advise to start with normal air pumping and use a pump with a gauge. After several months of learning how to pump and becoming conditioned to pumping, then you can consider doing some water pumping.

One way to water pump using a pump with a gauge is to leave enough of an air pocket at the top of the cylinder so as not to suck any water into the pump. There are also pumps available without a gauge that can get wet and they sell one at

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You can also buy a cheap plastic pump system utilizing a rubber bulb pump (under $20) and attach the bulb pump and tube with a male connector to a good cylinder. I use this set up in the shower every day. You can also disconnect the tube and pump and walk around with just the water filled tube on your dick. You can also usually disconnect a regular pump as well if it has a male connector.

Buy a different kind of pump called Bath mate which works with water, can be used in shower and bath tube as well:) This pump is specially designed for using in the shower and differs from the traditional vacuum pumps, and my personal opinion is that it works well:)

Bathmate is the only Penis pump that is patented to be used in water, plus the whole design (apart from pressure meter) is quite different from traditional pumps. I need to make a YouTube video to demonstrate :)


Since this topic seems kinda proper:

I live in Europe.Can anyone provide me a shop that has some stuff that I want to buy,including a pump,cock rings,lubes,and clamps?

Originally Posted by Bathmate
Bathmate is the only Penis pump that is patented to be used in water, plus the whole design (apart from pressure meter) is quite different from traditional pumps. I need to make a YouTube video to demonstrate :)


Come on now Agust. You do not have an exclusive patent where water is concerned. That is twisting the truth a bit, isn’t it?

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