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Very Intense Pumpkegel

Very Intense Pumpkegel

Greetings Pumpers,

I’ve been experimenting with kegels while I pump. Just curious if others have tried the following and, if so, what your experiences over time have been:

Description: Just as I “milk the tube” in a slow, prolonged forward stroke over say 2-3 seconds, I also kegel just as I start the forward motion with the tube. I hold the kegel (even try to increase its intensity) over the duration of the stroke through the release of the stroke. If I am at a nominal 5 inch Hg on the vacuum guage, the combination of “milk stroke” + kegel (tug back) generates a spike in vacuum up to 7-8 inches of Hg. Just a milk stroke alone will generate 1-1.5 inches of extra vacuum.

I do these combo’s in sets of ten followed by a minute or so of rest and perform say 100 total during a pumping session. I seem to experience a great tug at the base and I hope that maybe these might help length.

Your comments/experiences along similar lines would be most appreciated.




Exactly what I do, except I go for about 3, 10-15 minute sessions. It actually feels a little to damn good, and I spike up to 8-9 in hg. The difference is I hold it for only about 1 sec. This produces skin bruising for me, and some fluid build up. Feels even better water pumping with that technique. I have cut it down to 5 in hg max, and no bad effects.

I have found doing kegels in this manner has given me the hardest erections for prolonged periods of time, that I can remember…ever! When I’m doing the Mrs…did her to a tender turn for about 2 hours the other day, I’ve been staying very hard for the whole time…I love it! The Mrs was loving it! She especially loves to suck me when I’m that hard. It is almost like I’m on Cialis! Amazing.

I have noticed that when the muscle (pc…bc?) is fully recovered from the previous workout, it is easy to hold the contraction even at the highest vacuum ( 8-9 in hg). Then I go ahead and “train” hard, lots of kegels. If I find it a little difficult to hold it, it means I haven’t totally recovered, and I skip em’. This is almost like progressive wt training for the pc muscle. Producing amazing erections!

I’ve had to lay off it for a while, because I keep rubbing a patch of skin off the head of my cock, regardless of what kind of lube I use. I don’t know if it is because the head is getting too big for the tube or what? When I lay off I have finally broken down and started jelquing. Actually, seems to be going well.

Anyway, I have been considering starting a thread on this technique, but I thought I should wait until I could report results. Well, I haven’t measured since I moved into this new place, because I can’t find where my measuring tape or ruler is, but I swear I’m looking bigger, and seem to be getting deeper into the Mrs. She seems to be grinding back against me more in the doggie position, something she has recently been showing a real taste for. This is a fairly new thing for her. My only complaint is it is hard to press deeply into her in that position. I have to hold her waist and pull her into me…fine for a little while, but I don’t like to have to work hard at sex. I like techniques where I can f-her for hours and it is as enjoyable for me as it is for her. If she is on her back, much easier to get in and stay in the CDS.


Just a caveat here. The exercise that Mr T is talking about is not for newbies. You can play around with this after you get your cocks well-conditioned to normal pumping.



I milk and kegel while I pump, but for me it is better/more intense if I do each separately. I will milk for say 50 to 100 strokes and then do an equal number of kegels. If I try to milk and kegel at the same time, I seem to lose kegel intensity. When I keep the kegels as a separate exercise, I can isolate better and perform them much more intensely.


Thanks for bringing that up! Important for people to know what is potentially risky if not prepared.


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