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Veins Really Showing- Observation

Veins Really Showing- Observation

Hi All,

I started PE about 2 months ago and started with info from website before I found Thunder’s Place. Didn’t know if this stuff was for real or not, but had always thought I was on the small side and really wanted a big cock.

I started with hot wraps, stretches and jelging and added taking Vig-RX twice a day.

I didn’t really know how to measure correctly until I found TP about a month ago. At that point, I measured 6 3/8” Erect Bone Pressed Length and a 5 1/8” Erect Girth. As of 1/1/03, I measured 6 5/8” Erect Bone Pressed Length and a 5 1/8” Erect Girth. That means I’ve gained a little length and my dick is much stronger than when I started.

The thing that I’ve noticed most lately is the veins. It’s like I never had any and now they show up all over and seem to be getting bigger all the time. From other posts I’ve read, most feel this looks more manly. I started pumping about a week and a half ago and currently my daily routine is as follows:

10 min hotwrap
10 min stretches
10 min pump - I pump and release every few minutes and Prime the pump often. On this pump, I try not to exceed 5 on vacuum gauge.
10 min jelqing
10 min pump - same as first, but going up to 6 on vacuum gauge.
10 min jelging
10 min hotwrap

I see that I’m going about a 1/4” above the line I put on my Vacutech 1.75” straightwall tube when I started which corresponds with my length gain.

Any comments, suggestions, observations, are appreciated.



Your routine sounds quite sensible.

How about fluid buildup, do you get any?

If you do, you can consider altering the pumping sessions to be shorter, so maybe instead of two 10 min. sessions do three 7 minutes sessions with three 7 minutes jelqing sessions in between. Or any other combination. Experiment to see what gives you the best results.

I started pumping (after a two weeks building up routine) with four sessions of 10 minutes, and now I do four sessions of 5 minutes, getting bigger expansion.

Also, if you’ve been jelqing for two months now, you can consider starting to introduce squeezing into your routine. Take them slowly, because they could be very intense and your penis needs to get used to them in order to avoid injury. Squeezes like horse440’s, sadsack’s, and uli’s can be very effective for gaining girth.

Hi Braker,

I’ve been watching for fluid buildup and the donut effect and haven’t noticed anything like that. After reading posts from others, I’ve tried to be aware of the possible side effects of pumping and what can happen if you overdo it. I know I’m already doing more pumping than is recommended for only a week and a half, but don’t see any problems with this routine.

I fill the tube from the base up several inches already and my glans are expanding and touching about half way around. Shaft touches in a few places along the shaft. I really am glad I went on and ordered the 1.75” Straight Walled Tube and kept the 2” flared tube they sent for later. I want girth, but my primary objective now is length. My goal is 8” EBP and 6” EG so I have a long ways to go.

During the day when I go pee, I usually do some stretching and some Sadsacks. I am cut, and am noticing my glans aren’t growing as fast as I’d like. Would really like a oversize head to top my cock off with.

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