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Vas deferens while pumping

Vas deferens while pumping

When I pump, I always have to make an effort to position the cylinder so as to prevent the cords the that go from the testicle into the body(the vas deferens I believe) from being sucked into the cylinder. Once I am pumped up, generally the vas deferens should be outside of the cylinder, but if I give too much slack in the pressure causing light contact of cylinder to skin, sometimes the vas deferens slip in which than makes it easier for my testicles get sucked towards the cylinder.
I personally wouldn’t mind except it feels very uncomfortable when they do get sucked in.

Because of this reaction, I cannot pumped in flared cylinders and use only straight/thick wall cylinders.

I was wondering if anyone else here goes through this or do you guys don’t mind these cord structures being pumped also.


Great Post, I irritated the tubes using the andro-penis extender as an ADS and had to stop after 2 months due to pain on the right side, even though I had gained 1/4 inch in EL. Started using a waist belt ADS and things cleared up. Gained another 1/4 inch EL in 2 more months and decided to start pumping, after 3 days in the pump the tubes on the right side were killing me again. The pain got bad, the testicle on that side, the hip, the thigh, everything hurt. Stopped pumping, iced the areas about 4-5 times a day for 4 days and things cleared up again. It’s a very sensitive area, be careful.


Yes I found this from the start. I have always used an elastic cock ring, leather ball strap, or other silicone device, around the scrotum to stop the tissue from being sucked in. It is rarely an issue now.

I was thinking of starting a thread on the same subject, but luckily looked around first.

The same exact thing happens to me. It’s only on the left side (which is also my lower testicle) and I’ve been a little worried that it could stretch too much when it gets pulled up there and get damaged. My tube is homemade from a tube of caulk (almost getting too small for me, but that’s another subject) and is pretty close to the girth of my cock. I figure if I can fill the tube with my cock (I love the wordplay inherent here) then I won’t have to worry about my vas being sucked in.

So - the first time I start pumping in a given session, I use the fingers of one hand to stretch my balls as far away from the tube as possible. Up I pump medium suction until I know my dick is swollen. Then I release pressure, pull the balls away again, and pump again. Usually this is an easier seal, and once it’s set, I don’t have to worry about the tubes any more til I’m done.

Works for me with this particular tube. If I feel that strange sensation of my tube being pulled up there, I stop and reset.

Good luck, and be safe.

Yep cock ring around the balls here, stops them being sucked in.

Turkey neck doesn’t help.

Another solution to keep vas out of the tube

Very practical question!!

I had an irregular vasectomy a few years ago. “Irregular” because the left side was “snipped” inside my abdomen while having a hernia repaired; the right side was “snipped” through the scrotum, like a regular vasectomy. My right testicle rides higher in the sac, and the vas is now loose in the sac—but that’s the one that tends to get sucked up into the tube. But it still hurts… whether the vas is still connected to the testicle or not.

I have a homemade tube from an aquarium vacuum cleaner. I flared it so as not to dig into the pubic area too sharply. Then I added a couple inches of motorcycle inner tube. Slip half of it over the open end of the tube, then the loose half of the inner tube can be inverted into the pump tube itself… makes a nice gasket for a better seal. That extra seal helps keep the vas out of the tube, but not always. I’ve tried a velcro strap around the balls to prevent this problem (not very comfortable), but it gets in the way of pumping, anyway. It just means one more piece of equipment to clean up when I’m done.

I’ve found the best solution is to try and push the tube up against the bottom side of the shaft while I’m actually pumping. This seems to concentrate the sucking action on the shaft itself, and keeps the vas in place until I’ve “filled” at least the first inch or so of the tube. Sometimes during a pumping session, I have to keep pressing the tube up against the bottom of the shaft. But it’s better than the soreness of having the vas sucked up in there!

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