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Vacuum pumping

Vacuum pumping

I have been doing the newbie routine for three months now and I am planning to add some light pumping to my routine. One simple question. In the pumping 101 thread it mentions one 10 minute session to begin with. Is that all one set or two sets of five minutes? Just wanted to clarify before I start. Thanks in advance.


Starting 14/04/13 ~ 5.50 NBPEL, 4.75 MSEG

Why is it so hard to get a response in this section of the forum?


Starting 14/04/13 ~ 5.50 NBPEL, 4.75 MSEG

Most likely, because there is already an existing thread on this. It has 150 pages so you may have some reading to do!

I personally would not try to pump to any routine. I have pumped for several years without one. I have found that doing what I’m comfortable with has done well for me and in my opinion, pumping is very uncomfortable and as it should be cause I never had a fully hard raging erection that is not uncomfortable. I enjoy it most when I get to squeeze my freshly engorged meat out of that crowded tube after I’m done!

I say just go easy to begin and learn to increase vacuum, time, reps, sets and sessions as much as can be handled as you get more practice .when ten minutes feels right, do it.

If you are still gaining off the newbie (core, standard, foundation - call it what you will - it shouldn’t really be thought of as a ‘newbie’ routine) then don’t add anything. I would start with 2x5 minutes until you get used to pumping, then after a lot of reading try different things to see what works for you.

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Basically I didn’t gain in month one, month two I gained nearly 1/4 inch girth and no length and month three no gains. I can jelq all day long and just felt my fella needed more of a work out. Pumping is feeling good so far after a couple of sessions although short to start with I live the feeling while in the tube. I feel like I am getting good expansion.


Starting 14/04/13 ~ 5.50 NBPEL, 4.75 MSEG

Welcome to Thunders, I think Firegoat has presented you with some solid input pertaining to your desire to start pumping. Read, evaluation you progress and make the necessary adjustments suited to you within reason. I have gone months without any notable gains but I still swear by pumping because in the long run it has provided me with my most impressive gains. Wishing you well and remember take your time,

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Hi 7inchesSoft,

Nice first post.


Pumping is one of those things that seems more impressive than it is. You can very easily get sucked into using too much pressure too early on and going for the post pump bulge, with all the fluid build up that entails. Other than that, everyone else has pretty much covered it.

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