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Vacuum Pumping 101

Is baby oil okay to use as lubricant?

Also, it wouldn’t hold the suction so I guess that means I didnt have a good seal so I shaved today.

First day, I had fun though :D Glad I went with the 1.75


I prefer some kind of lotion for lubrication,
my experience is that the baby oil can be a little tough on my skin.

Shaving is good for looks as well as getting a good seal, makes your dick look

Keep the vacuum low. Not over 4-5” Hg.
Good luck.


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I use lots of baby oil and I apply a drop of water based lube on top of that.

Clearing pubic hair from the base definitely helps form a good seal.

Yeah I pumped up to 5, and it slowly went down, so I pumped back up.

Felt good, can’t wait to grow :D

I use a cream lubricant called Glyde. It was excellent.

The baby oil seems to be working out just fine :D Thanks for the help.

What is the best pump for under 100.00

Save up another 50.00 and get the LAPdist pump. It’s worth the extra money. I went we the 1.75 and the 2.0 cylinders for staging and have gotten nice permanent gains.

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Just read all 800+ messages, Thanx for puting together a great thread.

I have a question about “sets” in pumping 101 they talk about 3 X 10 minute session. How long do you wait between sessions. Is it 5 minutes with some massaging or is it one in the morning, one at lunch and one in the evening?

All in the same session. Between pump “sets,” you can do some jelks, take as much time as you happen to have. For me that’s maybe 5 minutes between getting out of the tube and going back in for another set.




I have been doing 5 minutes with a warm/hot wash cloth. 10 minutes stretching then in the tube for 15, jelq for 15 and then back in the tube for 15 or 20 then a shower.

Do you think the 15 min of jelqing is right or would I see more gains spending more time under pressure?

Hey Avocet, ive been thinking. Since i am not allowed a ton of time, i would like to pump at night, but the problem with that is, i wont be able to get up and go to the bathroom to clean the tube.

Do you think waiting about 8 hours to clean it will ruin the tube? By the way i use baby oil.

Originally Posted by MrSmalls
Do you think waiting about 8 hours to clean it will ruin the tube? By the way i use baby oil.

I don’t know chemistry well enough to know if it would make much difference, but baby oil is made of mineral oil, a petroleum distillate that may act as a solvent on an acrylic tube. But, I’ve used vaseline —another petroleum-based product — on cylinders and left it there for days without noticing any damage. Still, you might want to use a non-petroleum-based lube if you’re especially concerned.

So Ike… Vaseline > Baby oil?

Originally Posted by MrSmalls
So Ike… Vaseline > Baby oil?

Is vaseline greater than baby oil? It has greater viscosity. But, looking into it, I see they’re both essentially the same thing: one is petrolatum, and the other is liquid petrolatum.

And with regard to the question you posed to Av, I’ve done some looking around. I’m only seeing concern about petroleum-based lubes if the lube might come in contact with any rubber, vinyl or silicone parts. (Here’s one example.) On the flip side, petroleum based lube doesn’t go rancid the way a vegetable oil or seed-based oil lube can.

Summed up: I think it’s okay to leave the tube uncleaned for 8 hours if you’re using baby oil. It’s probably not damaging the tube. But, it’s preferrable to clean it when you can, particularly if you leak a lot pre-cum when you pump. Semen can potentially start to stink if left in a warm, moist place too long — like a tube or a pussy.


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