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Vacuum Pumping 101

Originally Posted by avocet8
Maybe try this: Ask the manufacturer to ship the pump portion and tubing and the cylinder portion separately, like a week apart? And if you order from LA Dist, tell them you don’t want the tape which is useless anyway as to pumping tips.

You mean just like how Saddam Hussein ordered seperate parts, when he wanted to construct his own Supergun cannon, and had to import parts seperately into Iraq to get away with it?

Originally Posted by Grizmor
I have a question about maintaining the pressure in the pump. I feel like I get a good seal but the pressure slowly decreases and I have to repump occasionally. If you are getting a good seal should the pressure not drop at all?

It’s possible that it could be that there is a tiny little hole caused by a hair or something, and air is ever so slowly seeping in without you realizing it.

But from what I’ve read, it could simply be the pressure in the tube equalizing over time.

Hey Avo - can’t find a condom small enough to take to the hardware store - Glenn


Check out the TheyFit line at With 55 different sizes offered there has to be something in there for everybody.

Anyway, isn’t 2005 the year you’re gonna fit in a Magnum?



Shit, Avo, I’d settle for one of those little finger-tip thingies you use when stuffing letters. I don’t think this sucker’s ever gonna grow. Maybe I’ll start hanging weights off the PA - some guys even wear padlcks on theirs. UGH!!!!


A note on having to repump due to pressure loss. Since i have started water pumping i put enough in to fill the tube plus go up into the airline tubing. I noticed that after i have pumped the water level would slowly rise and the pressure would go down. I figured out it is my buddy slowly expanding due to the pressure.

Do you ever get “water blisters” on your glans from water pumping? So-called water blisters are the type that develop a raised crown, the inside of which is filled with clear lymphatic fluid. Can be very painful.



No, and I hope I never do.

Is it useful/harmful to kegel “in time” with pumping the cylinder? I mean, for manual pumps, kegel while you squeeze the pump lever? It seems like it’d be a good idea…

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If it feels ok and you don’t overstress your BC muscle (“in time” could amount to a whole lot of Kegelling), no problem.



One more sizing question, if I may…My measurements are 7EL, 5 base EG, and 5.5 to 5.75 EG head. my base girth suggests a 1.75 cylinder, but I’m not sure my head will fit(I use magnums typically because regular condoms are more difficult to get over the head); would a 2.0” cylinder work for me? Another factor is that I have seen a number of Kaplan setups on EBay for very reasonable prices, but they all come with 2.00” cylinders. Advice welcomed, thanks!

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Probably that will work, mike. Your seal may not be as tight as with a 1.75 but at least your head won’t get squooshed. You can always do some shaving/special lube to get the base seal tight and keep one or both balls out of it.




With your larger glans size, I’d go with the 2.0” diameter cylinder. Just be sure to use lots of lube to allow your head to slide easier in the tube while pumping to larger size.


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Lots of good info here. Thanks . I’m 6” not sure of the girth but I was curious to know if poor circulation would have anything to do with the effectiveness of the pump. I know have poor circulation in my hands and feet . And I’m pretty sure in my penis. Lol. There the first things to get cold in the winter. I’ve never pumped before and I gotta say I’m really looking forward to finding out if this really works. Thank s anxious

Regardless of the circulation in your penis, you will get erect in the pump cylinder.




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