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Vacuum Pumping 101


Thought I would post my routine to get your inputs and recommendations.

I plan to combine the following elements: 1) Heat; 2) Penis Stretcher; 3) Light massage; 4) Pumping; 5) Magnetic Wrist Strap; 6) PC flexes as follows -

Early in the morning - light massage, put on the stretcher, then put on my special ‘rice’ sock preheated >115 deg F and hold for 30 minutes while my heating pad warms my pumping tube up. After warmup, remove the stretcher and massage to erection - prewrap the c-scar with therawrap and lube up for a pumping set.

Since I am just starting pumping I am at 4 inch Hg for 10 minutes, following your program guidelines. I do 100-200 PC flexes while in the vacuum tube. No problems with fluid engorgement so far and I am packing about 15% of the tube at the base. Started with an erect girth of 5.2 inch, using a 1.75 inch ID tube.

After pumping, back into the stretcher with the heated sock for an hour.

Continue stretching with breaks every 45 minutes to an hour. Gradually back of on the heated sock at midday. Continue with the stretcher until I get 8-9 hours cumulative time in the stretcher. Perform PC flexes distributed throughout the day - right now I do about 400 flexes total. Finish up with a light massage and then wrap with the magnetic strap for the evening.

When I get to the twice-a-day sessions on the pump, I plan to finish the day with a pump set followed by the magnetic wrap.

My goals are initially to stay with the 1.75” Tube and work for length. I started at 5.9BPEL and right now I am at 6.3BPEL based on gains made with the stretcher, heat, and PC flexes. Having gone through the breakin period on the stretcher, I started pumping two days ago. The general idea is to use internal forces triggered by pumping to balloon the penis at very modest levels of vacuum and then use heated stretching to ‘seal in’ whatever gains I get. I am in no big rush - easy does it. Once I get to my length goal of 8-BPEL, then I will go up in tube diameter and work on girth. However, if I get girth and grow out of the 1.75 tube, I will have to step up to the 2.0 tube, like it or not :-)

I appreciate all the care and attention you have given both to this thread and collectively to the forum.

Looking forward to you response,


Here is my miss-experience with pumping. I pump 2 10 minute sets 5 out 7 days for about 2 1/2 months at 5 hg or less because I was afraid of the donut effect. Even then there was a donut forming. Then I learn about wrapping below the glands to prevent the donut effect, and it worked really well. So well that I ventured up to 7 hg and started doing 3 sets of 12 minutes. However, I started to experience another very negative side effects. My penis started to have bumps on the skin after pumping. I think taking to 7 hg did some permanent damage to the skin. The toad like bumps would go away within 2 days, but they would come back even after a 10 minute session at 5 hg. I love pumping, because I can feel that it’s actually working, but my over zealousness has caused me to stop pumping for now because I can’t take my penis looking like I have some sort of desease on it. For those that likes to pump or is new to pumping, make sure you don’t make the mistake I did. Under 5 hg is good enough for the long haul.

Good advice, duke. Give it more than a couple days’ break. Then start very low again on the HG scale. The bumps sound to me like raised hair follicles? Yes?

Mr. Tips;

The notion about working on length first and girth last originated with Big, according to Thunder. I do see some logic in the theory but I believe more strongly that any gain (girth or length) is a good one. Some guys, because of their tissue physiology tend more toward length gains or toward girth gains first. Some get both. Since girth rules in sex, though, an addition to girth is something you can perhaps be enjoying long before you get the length gain you are looking for if girth happens first for you. I do not believe that one is exclusive of the other, they just sometimes happen at different rates.




Thanks for the info. So far, I’ve picked up about 0.1 inch in EGirth and 0.3 inch in EL so, as you suggest, what I’m doing is working both radially and logitudinally. Hey, if got a jumpstart to an extra inch in girth I’d be one VERY happy camper! BTW, the Velcro Magnetic wrist strap is just the nuts (pun intended) to wrap up with after PE. Ref pumping, wrapping the glans sure helps as I’m puping at 4 inch Hg (up to 15 minutes now once/day) and no problems. This stuff works - just have to be patient and let nature do its thing.

All the Best,


I think the bumps are damages within the skin. I haven’t pumped in awhile. I have been doing dry jelqs instead. A couple of days ago, I tried pumping at about 2-3 hg for 2 minutes, and I can see that they are quickly coming back, so I stopped. I will have to give up the pump for long while. The best way is not to abuse the pump and keep it to 5 hg or lower.


Rather than just quit pumping for a long while, maybe there is one more test you could run to see if it helps and that is either water pump or pump with a condom so as to seal and constrict the skin. It just might help - that is, maybe read the threads on condom pumping and water pumping and see if maybe there is merit to run a quick test at like 3 inch Hg to see if that helps.

Also, maybe ask Avocet8 if this is a rational step - either that, or maybe ask about completely wrapping before going in the tube.

All the Best,


Then - BPEL 5.9, EG 5.2 - Now: BPEL 7.2, EG 5.6 Listen woman, "Don't bitch at me for burning the candle at both ends - just get me some more wax!"


I agree. Try the condom pumping method, just briefly at low pressure, and see what happens. If no raised bumps, don’t go hog wild again on your pressure. Are these hair follilcles, are what?




I’m thinking about getting the deluxe package from L.A. Pumps, but am hesitating on the cylinder.

From everything I’ve read on here, it’s suggested to get a tube 3-4” longer than your erect length and a 2” diameter.

At 7”x6”(base) and 5.5”(mid-shaft), could a 10”x2” tube be best for a beginner pumper?

My base and even up near my mid shaft is already 2” in width, would that cause any problems with a 2” diameter tube?

I think LA Pump would suggest the 1.75 diameter tube based on your mid-shaft girth. But being 5.5 midshaft puts you right on the edge. You could go with a 2.0 and be happy with it. Your base girth will provide a good seal in a 2.0” and keep your balls from being sucked in.

For length, go for the 10”. Even if you are pulling 8” inches under vacuum, that will still give you two inches of space to grow into.

When the day comes that you have to buy a 2.25 x 12 tube to fit into properly - believe me, you won’t mind spending the money. :)



Avocet, how long have you been pumping total in months, years?

It’ll be four years in December.



Hi everyone,

I’m new here. I just purchased the basic system from Vacu-Tech and I would really appreciate any and all help that anyone would like to give me.


Originally Posted by ny_pump_cub
Hi everyone,

I’m new here. I just purchased the basic system from Vacu-Tech and I would really appreciate any and all help that anyone would like to give me.


Adam (ny_pump_cub),

Go ahead and try out your pump and see how it goes. If you have any questions, just post here and you’ll get responses. Good luck.


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Hey avocet8

I read your starting stats in the beginning of this article, but have not come across your current stats. Are they posted here somewhere?


See Sizes PE Data Site. There’s a link at the bottom of every main page. If you have to look me up rather than my just telling you, maybe more of you will register there to track your own gains. It’s a lot easier to track there than to jot your stats down on little bitsy pieces of paper that you later lose. :)




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