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Vacuum Pumping when you have ED; the short version, according to Avocet8

Hi Avocet,

There’s a peyronie’s forum where people are speaking well of and advocating the use of a protocol with a supposedly high end pump. It comes with three different sized cylinder’s that you’re supposed to alternate in a specific pattern over the course of 26 weeks. This includes one tube that is apparently pretty narrow, the idea apparently being that this tube inflates while giving little space to accommodate any kind of bending.

I have a little bit of experience with pumping. I got a cheapo one at a sex store, but it wasn’t long enough for me, I have a bathmate, but I find it much more difficult to use than the manual air pump (for a few reasons). My question is: The pump(s) advocated on the peyronie’s forum, don’t have a gauge. Now I hear a great deal from the experts on here, about how important a gauge is, and I know I have at times wanted on. What do you think I should do Avocet? A pretty good case is made for this “three cylinder protocol”, but when they say things like “don’t overpump” “listen to your body, it is the best guide” it kinda sounds like making excuses for not having a gauge.

I’m not the famous Avocet but may I respond? I am familiar with the 26 week protocol for peyronie’s using the 3 cylinder VED (vacuum erection device) as well as using other equipment to do the same treatment protocol.

This topic might be worthy of a separate thread but I will leave that up to you and Avocet.

Peyronie’s is not the same as ED (erectile dysfunction) even though it seems like the former is a subset of the latter. There is no definitive cause or treatment for Peyronie’s yet although there are lots of theories and suggested treatments. The forum you mentioned has 1000’s of posts and is worth a few hours to get an education. I think after doing so you will see that even amongst the most informed there is considerable disagreement on what works and what doesn’t.

The 26 week protocol was developed over the course of many years and many people and unfortunately no significant clinical studies have been published. At one time a prominent urology practice as well as a VED manufacturer promoted the treatment protocol but that support has since faded - not necessarily because the protocol does not work but rather to avoid legal issues with claims of “treating a specific disease” without a prescription. The same situation exists with the use of “traction” (extenders) in the treatment of Peyronie’s - i.e. Fast Size, etc.

To answer your specific question, the “protocol” can be performed without a gauge and without a commercially produced VED. On the other hand, a gauge is helpful to prevent over-pumping but I know of no VED that comes with a gauge. If you want to do the protocol with a gauge then you must use separate cylinders of various sizes. I think the easiest way to regularly perform the protocol is to use an electric aquarium pump converted to vacuum (see separate thread).

I knew before I found this link that VEDs were vacuum-limited as FDA regulated medical devices. What I hadn’t calculated before is how generous the vacuum limit is. If it’s vacuum-limited to 200 - 250 mmHg, as this link suggests, that translates to 8 - 10 inHg; much more than generally recommended around here.…vacuum-devices/

This thread may be useful if you’re considering pumping without a gauge:

Pumping without a gauge

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I have fairly severe ED as a result of over 19 years of diabetes. In this regard, I am a member of several ED dedicated forums. It is amazing to read all their posts regarding the use of VED devices which cost several hindered dollars, yet there is no mention of vacuume gauges. I get very little reaction when I mention that a vacuum gauge is important for safety concerns. I guess it is hard to teach an old dog new tricks, although I am quite an old dog myself and have learned several new tricks on Thunders.

Here is one for you dtwarren. Check out this supplement called L-Arginine Plus. I started taking it and I must say, it works very well. I think you will find that with your ED, you will start to see improvements along with your PE regimen. My body does not usually respond well to things but it did with this product. It is an amino acid your body is supposed to produce anyway.

I currently am using l-Argenine ethyl ester (5 gr) several hours prior to expected sexual activity. Though I do not get great results, it is one of the few supplements (tongkat Ali is another) that do have a partial effect on my erections.

Thanks very much guys. Here’s a another question: So I have a downward curve to my penis now, the curve begins towards the base. I have an indentation on the base, on the exposed portion of my penile shaft, but it seems that much of the point of curvature is under my scrotum, or perhaps even within my torso. In short, a part of me that can’t be within the tube.

It seems incomplete to not apply pressure to the entire curved portion. If the tube is perpendicular to my torso it seems I’m getting even less effect down there. I try to angle the cylinder upwards a bit, so that my penis is being expanded in a direction that will at least apply some improved expansion within the torso, and it feels like it works a little, but I can’t angle the tube very high at all before it starts to loses it’s proper seal on my torso, and/or starts trying to suck my balls in.

This makes me think that I need a tube with an angled base, one that keeps it’s seal on my torso, while the tube is at a degree higher than perpendicular. What are your thoughts on the matter?

This might be a bit off topic but for those of you that are out of shape or overweight and pumping for ED, you might want to considering that you will get better results for the time if you exercise rather than pump. You might think that pumping will give you the added benefit if extra size, but so does better EQ with the added and most important benefit of being healthier. Of course, both exercising well and pumping is optimal ;)

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The right pump


This is my first post. I was thinking of getting the PosT Vac MANUAL VACUUM THERAPY PUMP (RVP) from Amazon because it puts on the erection ring after it gets you the erection. Sounds good because my ED keeps me from maintaining an erection, well that is until I found this forum. I have questions about pumps for use with ED now. What kind of pump is best for use with ED? Would it be one of those that put on the ring or is that a waste of time? Should I go for one that with put some size to my erection or just concentrate on something that will help me with keeping my erection? As you may have guessed I don’t have a pump yet. Any help please.

Thank you

Maybe you should put a link to the pump you are speaking of. I’m not a pumping expert, but I think the ring has the solo goal to mantain your penis engorged so you can have sex right after pumping.

I don’t see a gauge?

The right pump

No it does not have one as it is not for penis enlargement. It is just for getting it up like in the case of ED.

A pump should have a gauge, for safety reasons; so if it is for ED, even more it should have a gauge, IMO.

The right pump

It has safety valves so it doesn’t go to high but I get your point.


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