My routine changes as per my schedule but the base is still the same. If I can I will pump for roughly 20 min. at 5 hg with a jelqing motion. I get the base pressure up to 5 then I jelq in the tube and hold for 3 seconds at the top of the jelq then release and repeat 100 times. The greatest pressure I get to is like 10 hg but usually it is 8 or so. So it would be like jelq , hold for 3 seconds at the top of the movement(8hg), then release for 1 second (5hg)and repeat.

Then I just keep the pressure steady for 3 minutes or so at like 3 to 5 hg’s.

Then I’ll get out of the tube, take off the cock ring if I have one on, wrap at the base and throw on the cable clamp. The cable clamp has way more clamping force than a regular cock ring and will let less blood out if you want it too, that’s why I pick it over a regular cock ring. Then I will get erect if I’m not already and keep it on for 10 minutes. I try to kegel in the pump and in the clamp as much as possible throughout the whole workout by the way. I personally like to wet jelq while in the clamp. I think it is one of the reasons I have made permanent gains while doing the pumping. I can literally see it grow just like in a pump but it feels so hard at the same time. You could do any manual exercise by the way. Or just keep it clamped and do nothing until you feel conditioned to try some manual.

This would be like one set. I might change up the style of my pumping. Instead of the 3second hold type jelq I will count to 100 in seconds and jelq up and down in 1/2 second strokes. That tends to arouse me and keep me hard in the pump without having to kegel as much. Just do not ejaculate.

Then again depending on how much time I have either I will do another set, or ads, or hang with monkeybars’ Vacu-hanger.

I feel the pumping and clamping go hand in hand to enhance girth. I think if you wanted to focus more on length you could use a narrow tube to promote more vacuum to the head. I have seen people on thunders that have gotten length from both pumping and clamping but it all boils down to how your penis responds. If you gain length from this then that is right on but I think this program is built primarily for girth gains.

P.S. Thanks again for the extra info on the pics Nelson!!