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vacutech pump?

vacutech pump?

I’m going to buy a pump and give it a go. Does any know anything about vacutech products… Price seems ok but ya just can’t tell about the quality from a website…

I don’t know their products, but from looking at the site they seem ok.

I have one of theirs and it seems like a quality piece of equipment. I could have saved money buying the pump from an auto parts store though.

Too Expensive!!

Regularwhiteguy, VacuTech is good quality, but they are pricey! You might want to buy your cylinder from them or LAPump on the high end, although there are cylinders of equal quality available for less money.

But, for sure, you can save serious $$$ buying a pump at an auto parts store, as MDC suggested. I am talking about identical pumps to those offered at the penis pump sites!!

For a better discussion of pumps and pricing click here



I won’t be content until I’ve earned the name!

Just got my pump

They were very professional and delivery on time. Equipment looks very well done. Can’t wait to start. They don’t advertise the Grip system but sell, it is a hanger program that looks great.

Good luck with you new pump.
I’m unemployed at the moment, so I don’t have unlimited funds to pour into dick enhancement, so I bought a gravel vacuum (pet store, fish section). It’s 2”X10”. $7.

My first session left me feeling rather positive about my purchase. I will probably have to tweak the base a bit, as it gets uncomfortable very quickly.

Any other pumpers out there using low-end equipment?

Hey East village

I have the same setup, and had the same problem of irritating or cutting into the base, that you are experiencing.

What I did to alleviate this situation is to attach a ring of epoxy putty around the base of the tube.

Just lightly sand an area about 1/2 inches around the edge and clean with alcohol or acetone.
This will allow the epoxy to get a more permanent grip on the tube.

When everything is set, sand the base to a comfortable fit.

My finished product “ring”is only about 3/16” thick.

I just started pumping two weeks ago and find this setup very comfortable.

Oops, I should clarify “pumping”. I’m not actually using a pump.

Rather, just the flexible tubing that came with the “gravel tube”.

At the present I find that this is more than enough. My only addition would be to install a vacuum gauge in the line.

Sidewinder, - - Formerly known as Straight Arrow.

Thanks for the epoxy tip. I will look into it asap.

I think I’d like to link a pressure gauge into my setup too. I’m just not sure WHAT it’s supposed to feel like, look like in there.

My dick gets real veiny, but it doesn’t appear to get any longer than normal (I am primarily after length gains). Am I missing something here.

How does one know if there is too much stress on oneself? I’m super paranoid about injuring myself.

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