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Vacutech or LA PUMP?

Vacutech or LA PUMP?

Money is no problem. (Whole set)

Please move to pump section. Thanks, if possible.

What kind of cylinder, flared or thickwall? I mostly want girth if that makes a difference for the cylinders.

I have always used flared (rimmed) round cylinders and personally don’t think the elliptical are worth the extra money.

Vacutech is excellent quality, but I do worry a bit about their plastic handled pump.

LA Pump is also excellent, a little less expensive and the pump is all metal.

You can buy the identical set-up as LA Pump at the following link for even less money and the price includes shipping. You would want the metalvac pump with one straightwall rimmed cylinder for $135.00.

I know money is no object for you, but other guys can also use this info.

You should use our sizing chart to determine your cylinder diameter. I do not have a sizing chart for elliptical tubes, but if you decide to go that way I can give you more info on determining elliptical tube circumference (girth).

Selecting Your Cylinder Size

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I’ll have to sleep on this for a while to make a final decision. Regardless, I don’t think I can go wrong with any of these products. Thanks for the reply.

If you’re just starting out a flared tube would likely be a better option then you’ll better be able to size an elliptical later if you choose to. They are said to target length more I believe. I have both types and switch them up here and there. The thick wall is surely made to last, the downside being with using heat, it takes longer to heat up/keep heated. The flared is slightly more comfortable to wear, the flange is smooth and seamless unlike some cheaper tubes I have that have an inner rim that can pinch as it’s rather sharp, not a quality acrylic tube.

I can say the plastic hand pump from Vacu-tech is still the original one I use over five years old still works fine. I bought another plastic spare break bleeder pump which lasted all of about two months before breaking. eBay, $30 and you get what you pay for I guess.

Have bought 4 vacutech cylinders over the years, quality is superb, just expensive if you’re outside the US

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