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Vacu-Tech Cylinder Is It Right For Me?

Vacu-Tech Cylinder Is It Right For Me?

Hi All,

Well, my basic question is whether Vacu-Tech sent me the right size cylinder. When I ordered from their website, they asked me what my erect girth measurement was. I gave them my measurement which is, (thanks to about 6 weeks of jelqing), 5 1/8”. They sent me a 2” x 9” cylinder. From other posts I’ve been reading and since my primary objective is length, not girth, I figured they’d be sending a 1 3/4” cylinder.

What are your thoughts?

Do I need to order a smaller tube, too?

You need a 1.75” cylinder.

Don’t use it, try to to send it back and get the right size instead.

You won’t be needing this 2” cylinder for a long time.

Thanks Braker,

That’s kind of what I suspected. I will try to contact them and see what they will do for me.

I’ve just checked it again using boxcar calculation (you can find it here). I did the math and you are just on the border, but if you are really interested mainly in length you might be better off with even a 1.5” cylinder according to this calculation.

Have a look and do the math yourself as well.

Still, my feelings are that you better do stretches (DLD, JAI) for your length, or try the wrapping idea in the tube, and not give up on the great girth increase a 1.75” cylinder would give you.

I’m just a bit skeptic about length gains from pumping, which is probably only because I get much more girth when I pump.

Thanks for the quick response Braker. I just fired off email to VacuTech and will have to wait until tomorrow to see how they will reply. I really believe that they should have sent me the 1.75” diameter tube instead of the 2” based on my 5.125” erect girth.

If they won’t exchange, guess I’ll just order the 1.75” tube and wait until I’ve received it to start my pumping. Kind of bummed out, though, as I was really looking forward to starting.

One good thing happened, though. I thought it wasn’t going to come in until tomorrow when my wife was at work. It came in today and she opened it!!! She knows I’m doing PE and doesn’t seem to mind, but I was a little hesitant about the pump. She didn’t throw a fit and now it’s out in the open. I’m glad about that as now I don’t have to try and hide it!!!

That’s good, when I was married I hated hiding things!

Bare in mind that it could be that VacuTech’s approach is to send 2” cylinder for your girth. They might tell you that this is what they recommend. I trust the experience of the pumpers on this board better though.

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