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Using Epsom Salts while Pumping


Originally Posted by Clubber
capernicus1, you got me thinking. I’ve been using well water for pumping. I figure why not, since it has ground water in it, which is loaded with minerals. I have this portable induction cook top, the Nuwave Precision Cooktop, maybe I can come up with an alchemist brew of some sorts that may make cocks grow faster. That would be nice.

Have thought for years that there must be something you can add to water to help gains, epsom salts were as far as I got.
If I pump again I’ll give it another try.

I have pumped while in a bath of Epsom salt came out nice and thick not to mention relaxed and destressed

I hear a lot of talk about Epsom salt and magnesium. In the winter you can buy magnesium chloride by the 5lb bag and get straight to the point. I’ve been floating in a deprivation tank as well as taking Epsom salt baths for my sore legs after a long day of cycling. Using magnesium chloride “road salt for melting ice” Noticeably feels soothing for sore muscles or an aching package. At first I would get in the tub and take a bath to soak myself in, but then I started adding a small amount to my pump water and going to 2-3 hg as a recovery set.


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