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use an air pump as a water pump


This is what I have: OEM 25136 Vacuum Pump search it on amazon or google. Mine is the same setup same pump and this one comes i with a vaccum jar that you need for water pumping.…&hvptwo=&hvqmt=

I have both the thick wall cylinder and a Elliptical thick wall cylinder.

I mainly use the Elliptical cylinder but last night I tried the regular thick wall that I have and filled the whole bottom of it up. The Elliptical thick wall is a bit harder to keep a seal I have no trouble keeping a seal but it is much easier with the straight thick wall. My preference is the Elliptical thick wall it leaves more room for expansion. I jelq first using a bit of baby oil gel then I use a bit of babyoil gel on the bottom of the cylinder slip it on and seals tight. The only thing I noticed is the thick cylinder feels better to me it goes deeper but it is heaver the elliptical is even heaver then the straight but the quality is way better then bathmate you will have it until you give up or outgrow it.

I’ve had a bathmate last year seems like I made progress but after 2-months of daily use it leaked everywhere I got slicone tried to stop the leak but it was impossible then I got busy and gave up. Now I am back at it again and this is my setup.

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Originally Posted by jack1015

Marinera - thanks, the pump is not at my place at the moment, so I won’t be able to do this until July. However the cylinder is a standard one with a standard sized valve, so it is probably standard. What diameter silicone tube do you use?

What I have is a 12x8 plexyglass cylinder with thick walls and a hole on the top. Just take a caliber and measure the diameter of the hole, not a big task.

Marinera - what diameter silicone tube do you use?

Jack, I don’t have a commercial vacuum pumping cylinder, so knowing the diameter of the silicone tube I use would be useless for you.


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