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Hello all. Just want to thank everyone that has been so helpful.

Now…..on with the update:

First all, I have been doing ok with my program. I just “feel” thicker. My wife has
already told me she notices(she knows about my PE to some extent). For a first today,
I decided to try my old “porno shop pump” in the shower and it was GREAT!!! I can’t use
my new set up(vacu tech one handed gauge pump) in the shower but I must say I am
gonna add a 10 min. pump set to my program in the shower. Having good results from
the wrist strap also. I have been getting LOTS of stares from the wife. It may sound
unreal, but I bet I have made about a 1/2 inch flaccid gain already. Makes me wish I had
done flaccid measurements before I started. Maybe it’s just me, but I think I will gain girth
quicker than lenght…the wife has commented that I “feel” thicker when we have sex.

Another note, I have started using L-Argine(sp?) and here is what I have noticed in less
than a week:

Last Fri: 1 gram
Sat: 3 gram
Sun: 4 Gram—First sex, felt REALLY pumped(didn’t pump that day) and orgasm felt huge
Mon: 4 gram— same sex wise.
Tues 5 gram—1st time EVER been able to have sex in shower….I have never, NEVER
been able to get excited or turned on enough to have sex in the shower
but I sure see what I have been missing!!!!
Wed: 5 gram—-Can’t wait to see when the wife gets home!!!!!



Great initial report. It’s wonderful too that your wife is already noticing the “big” benefits of your efforts. Now on to the shower….


note to Mrs. Kooky;

When your skin starts to wrinkle up, insist that it’s time to leave the shower.




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