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Uncut pumpers?

Uncut pumpers?

Hey guys,

I`ve decided to order a pump as I really like the idea of pumping. Anyway, being uncut, is there any problem with pumping? The reason asking is that in every other aspect of PE, being uncut seems to be a little drawback. However, I can`t see that being uncut should be of any problem in using a pump?

Btw, I did a search and couldn`t find any answers on this question. Hope someone will share their experiences!



actually, there is something called ‘doughnutting’ you need to be careful of.

When you pump for some reason the end of the foreskin pumps up and looks like a ring dough nut round the end of your knob. Some people wrap tape round the shaft to prevent this. I had a cheap pump and I seem to remember this happening.

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First time around I tried pumping was long before I found Thunder’s, using a cheap pump without gauge. I’m uncut and my foreskin was “dough nutting” alright. It looked terrible after each set. The dough nut effect has nothing to do with the actual pump quality though, rather the amount of time spent in the tube and the pressure. I pumped at very high pressure, I could barely stand it. I thank God it didn’t kill my dick!

Now I know better. I bought a new pump for more comfort and a gauge. I pump at around 6Hg and for no longer than 10 minutes. After four sessions with some tube milking and jelqing between sets (100 strokes) the dough nut effect is there but it’s hardly noticeable and goes away in an hour or so. I think being uncut makes it almost impossible to avoid but if you’re being careful it will not bother you much. I put a leather cock strap tight around my sack to keep as much skin as possible outside the tube. I guess this decreases the dough nut effect.

Renholder you shouldn’t worry about pumping at all. Just follow the guide lines and you’ll be fine. Besides it is wonderful to actually see your dicks true potential. When pumping you get an idea of what’s coming to you in the near future :)

Best of luck!

I’m uncut and I pump 3 times a day most days. I pull the foreskin back before entering the cylinder. I slowly work my way up to a pressure of 5. I have had no problems whatsoever.


Thanks guys, just what I expected to hear from you:-) I`m ordering a LA-Pump right now!



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