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Uncomfortable feeling

Uncomfortable feeling

Howdy all,

quick question:

I started to, again, incorporate a pump into my routine. But today I noticed some uncomfortable feeling on the left side of my dick where the tubes from the testicles run up to the penis itself. Every time I come in contact with it, it slightly hurts. I think that maybe one of the tubes where under too much pressure. Could that be the reason?

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Uncut4Big / Mike

Maybe the base of your tube was positioned in a way that it was putting more pressure on that side? Try next time to distribute the pressure evenly in the circle of the tube base. But if you are still feeling discomfort, though, make “next time” a couple days from now.





I was following your routine for newbies, even though I’m not really one, ‘cause I pumped before, but I used it to get back into it.

But you’re right. I think the cylinder itself, not so much the vacuum created, put too much pressure on the tubes when the cylinder gets sucked down towards your pubic bone area.

Thanks again for your reply. I’m gonna take the weekend off and stick to manual exercises.

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Uncut4Big / Mike

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