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Unboxing my Bathmate


This is a fake, we have already been in discussion with these manufacturers and they will be closed down by the end of February 2014

Please do be careful when purchasing ‘too-good-to-be-true” products, if they seem really cheap they will be fake.


- bathmate HQ here to help

Originally Posted by Dude151
You did read that they are fake, right? If you really use it there’s no telling what kind of injury you might be in for.

Fake?? What like make-believe? This is a tube with a check valve at one end and a rubber encapsulated spring at the other. A ring of neoprene for comfort. What is it going to do explode? I really use it, and it works just fine. By the way I’m a Pneumatic Specialist with many years of Mechanical Design experience. What that should tell you is, I know more than the average guy about Design and pressure. And after a month of using the “Fake”, I know I have a “real” big dick.

I wonder if you can modify the fake BM’s using real BM parts. The cylinder seems like it can handle the pressure, but the bellows and pressure release valve may need to be upgraded.

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I purchased my 2nd bathmate Hercule’s model! paid 50 euros + 8 euros for shippment fees…

1st one: broke after 2 months use I fixed it once using loctite glue….2nd time after 2 months period broke inside!

What I point out is the 2nd model bought 1 month ago works really fine NO comparison with performance of the 1st one NOT the same quality (valve macanism) so be lucky!


Its obvious that people from europe buy to china and then overcharge the product. Cause we are doing it directly to china the price must be similar or the same the shops try to sell. You save the benefits of the european shop or usa shops.


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