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Ultracheap penis pump


Ultracheap penis pump

Whats the main difference between a good quality pump and a bad?

Just found this:


13$ is almost free. I’m considering buying one, except I’ve never pumped and am a bit afraid to ruin my penis by fault pumping.

Never pumped before and I know extremely little about it, but what I think most members (with pumping experience) will tell you is that quality counts. This may be one of those items in which you get what you pay for.

Also, for safety and consistency, you should look for a pump that comes with a gauge.

You have no way of reliably measuring the actual pressure using a cheap pump like this and I can honestly say, from experience, that the safety valves on cheap pumps are a joke. If you are in any way apprehensive about pumping damage, and you should be, then you need a good pump, not some cheap novelty gadget.

2010-01-09: BPEL: 19,7cm [7.75"] EG: 15,0 cm [5.9"]

2010-04-24: BPEL: 20,4cm [8.0"] EG: [???]

I would say buy this pump just for the cylinder, then buy a pump from an auto parts store. That’s what I did and it works great. It has a guage and everything.

Does your thang hang low? Does it wobble to the flo? Can you tie it in a knot? Can you tie it in a bow? Can you throw it over your shoulder, like a 50lb boulder Does your thang, hang, low?


This looks like the same cylinder I have. If it is the same, it is 2.25 inches in diameter and has a metric length scale 20 cm long. The hose provided with the Harbor Freight pump fits the cylinder. If you buy this cylinder and a decent pump the only thing you are missing is a quick disconnect set of connectors.

See the posts on selecting a cylinder size before you buy anything. You don’t want a cylinder that is too big.

No gauge. No flange at the base. Looks shorter than 20 cm. I’d look elsewhere.

:_pump: :donatecar

The thin plastic walls will “cut” into your pubic pad at higher vacuum levels (above 5hg) and cause some discomfort, though it does come with sleeves which could mitigate the discomfort somewhat. It says it is 2.36 inches in diameter so unless your girth is 6”+ you could easily have your ball(s) sucked in - ouch. If the connecting tube on the ball pump, is 1/4 inch you can switch to an Harbor Freight brake pump with gauge and emergency escape valve if you want to get serious. However, the connector does not appear to be the standard male connector used with the better quality cylinders. You may also need to get one of these as well - usually $5 plus shipping.

That being said, I think the price and free shipping make it worth getting to play around with at low pressure, provided you keep your balls pulled away while starting your vacuum. I have a similar system (but it has 1/4 inch tube and a standard male connector) and I use the ball pump for water pumping with a quality tube. I also use the tube occasionally for pumping the whole package, including the balls. A nice alternative and avoids the dreaded doughnut because most of the fluid build up goes into the scrotum and provides a bigger sack for a day or two.

I have exactly that pump and works great. I have only made an improvement filling in the flexible cable a little valve (taken from a pump for blood pressure, the little one on the bottom of the rubber ball) to prevent air getting in the tube when squashing.

Originally Posted by ThunderSS

I wonder what wall thickness is?

No less than 3 mm

Originally Posted by Jawbone
LeLuv is a great store on ebay that sells nice cheap cylinders:

2” Cylinder with quick disconnect $23 (shipping was $5 to Canada):…#ht_6844wt_1052

They have a 1.75, 2.25 and 2.5 too.

Thanks for that information. Has anyone bought from LeLuv though? Their products look pretty solid but sadly they don’t have any tubes bigger thn 9 inches in length.

Originally Posted by Fxc1100
Thanks for that information. Has anyone bought from LeLuv though? Their products look pretty solid but sadly they don’t have any tubes bigger thn 9 inches in length.

I just did.

The tube is just as good as something from vacutech, and I even received a really nice pouch. A nice touch especially since I wasn’t expecting it. With vacutech I didn’t get anything like that.

The top is essentially a cap that’s cemented on but it forms a good seal. Wall thickness I don’t think is as thick but to be honest the only use of wall thickness would be to make sure it doesn’t collapse in, which it’s nowhere’s close to.

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