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Type of cylinder you use

Type of cylinder you use

Just out of interest could you tell me the sort of cylinder you use and what you do and do not like about it.

I bought a 2” thickwall cylinder from a UK company.

Many months later when I wanted to work on length I bought a 1.75” cylinder from LAPdist.

Even though my girth is only 5.25” I cannot fit into the 1.75” anymore because of my upward curve.

I much prefer the LAPdist cylinder because it is light weight and has a flared neck so it does not did into the fatpad so much.

The thickwall cylinder feels very sturdy but gets a bit sore where it digs into the fatpad. I have tried a few different cushions but the interfere with a good seal and are a pain to use so I just use it how it is.

I use a 2” x 9” lapdist cylinder and I like the flared neck. This is my very first cylinder since I just started pumping, so I do not have anything to compare it to. I also have a upward curve and am 5.3” mid shaft girth and find that the 2” cylinder fits perfectly.

When I first started pumping I got my best erection, stood up, pumped up to 5HG, pressed the cylinder as hard as I could towards my base and made a mark on the cylinder where my penis head ended.

During my first couple of weeks I pumped at 3-4HG and my penis head was about 0.5” away from the line and I only packed 0.3”-0.6” at the base.

Now, about a month into my pumping, I am packing about 1.6” at the base and my penis head is right at the line I made while pumping at 4HG.

I did not know that there were ways to pump for length and other ways to pump for girth? Is this something that has been tested or is it just common belief?

Sorry if I side tracked from what you were asking…:)

I now have a few different cylinders (3 from LAP and 1 from Boston Pump) varying from 1.75” to 2”.

I love the sleeve master from boston pump ( The site says it fits 2” to 2 1/2” cylinders but it fits my 1.75” cylinder perfectly. It is very soft and flexible and provide a great seal.

I bet it would make your 2” cylinder MUCH more comfortable..

You may be able to buy something similar elsewhere also.

babbis, good to know you are gaining length from pumping at 4HG as that is the vacuum level I use.

I would be interested to know if you pack evenly all the way round.
What I mean is looking at the cylinder I am packing about 2 7/8” but if I look underneath I am only packing 2 1/8” after my third set.

Regarding using a thinner tube to gain length, I am not sure if this is the case but had read it a couple of times somewhere.

scubaman64, I found that sleeve master you mentioned,…CATS&Category=2
it looks like it would make it more comfortable where it presses on the fat pad but doesn’t it restrict you entering the cylinder? I pack the base straight away on my 2” cylinder.

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