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Two Newbie Pumping Questions


Two Newbie Pumping Questions

(1) The advice for beginners is to stay in the 4-6 in/HG range. What about when you are “milking the tube”? If my “starting level” is 6 in/HG, when I milk the tube, the vacuum level will fluctuate between 6 in/HG and 8 in/HG. Is this too much? When milking, should my starting level be no higher than 4 in/HG?

(2) I know that I haven’t been pumping very long yet, but though my girth is filling more of the cylinder with each session, my length hasn’t been affected at all. In fact, unless I go into the cylinder 100% erect (and stay that way!), when I pump between 4 in/HG and 6 in/HG, I don’t achieve my full length. And it’s not always easy to reach and maintain 100% erection when pumping (many factors). Should I not expect to reach full length in the cylinder, let alone surpass it, until I have packed it girth-wise? Some people say their length increases in the cylinder even before they pack it.

Hey motivated,

I know nothing. Just about to start pumping myself so I read anything that looks like a newbie pumping question. For some reason hanging was easy for me to understand but pumping feels like rocket science!

Running a Massive Co-Front.


a) What’s your PE history?

b) What size is your cylinder?


Motivated, (1) is destined for a cliched response that you will have been able to guess for yourself. Notwithstanding, don’t go to 8 hg if it hurts or if you are getting other signs that it is too much pressure (erections are not as hard, bruising, etc.). Starting at 4 and milking to 6 should treat you fine. If it treats you too fine, ramp up intensity.

(2) Don’t expect length if you aren’t packing the tube. It has been done, but so has a high jump over 8 feet. Condom pumping may help more as far as length is concerned because you can use higher pressures which will get deeper to stretch the ligs.


I began PE about 1 1/2 years ago with hanging and gained about 1/4” length. But on account of a damaged nerve, I decided to try stretching and jelqing instead. The reasons for the difficulty with hanging have been sorted out. However, now I simply don’t have the privacy to hang for more than an hour or two here and there. After stretching and jelqing for many months, I gained some girth but no length. My aim has been to go for length first (the rubber band theory). I’ve started hanging again with what little time I have for it, but I just don’t think this has been sufficient.

I’ve also been clamping on and off for a long time, just because I enjoy it. I started out at 6 7/8” BPEL and 4 7/8” EG. My BPEL is now 7 1/8”. My EG rather slowly went up to 5”, then 5 1/8”, then 5 1/4”. Recently, however, it shot to 5 1/2”, owing to the clamping. But I haven’t been trying for this girth gain (though I’m not unhappy about it!). I know that pumping is seen as primarily a girth exercise. Yet I also know that some have got good length gains from it. This is why I’m pumping now. I’m also about to order a stretching device, the new AutoEXT.

My cylinder is 2” x 10”. I asked for advice on size here and the consensus was to go for the 2” rather than the 1 3/4”. I’m packing the bottom 25% to 30%. Though this is probably far from anything permanent yet, the little pumping I’ve done so far has my EG at 5 3/4”, even the next day after pumping. I’m suffering a girth explosion. But I want length! The pumping, in addition to wearing a cock ring throughout the day, has also increased my flaccid length and girth quite a bit, which has been nice.


Yes, pumping has been a bit perplexing to me too. I guess gravity is an easier thing to get a handle on than vacuums. Good luck with your efforts.


Yes, I realize that question (1) is rather obvious. Thanks for answering it anyway. It’s just that, when you milk the tube, the higher vacuum level is not constant. And others have talked about ramping up the vacuum level higher than normal, holding it for 20 seconds or so, then lowering the level again and repeating. In other words, I just wanted to be sure.

As to question (2), it’s not just that I’m not seeing any additional length in the cylinder; at 4 in/HG to 6 in/HG, I’m not even up to my full erection length. There is definite expansion in girth, but not much in length.

I’ve cheated a little just to experiment, and at 7 in/HG to 8 in/HG, my length in the cylinder is equivalent to my full erect length. I also feel a better stretch at these levels; 4 in/HG to 6 in/HG feels like very little to me. (Perhaps I’ve just beat my dick up too much with clamping, jelqing, and stretching.) But I don’t want to pump at these levels if it is neither safe nor productive.

Not much in PE can be said to be an absolute. Guys will do things against the advice of the more experienced members, such as 100% jelqing. The amount of weight one hangs or the level of vacuum one uses for pumping are limited by the individual penis. If you feel you’re not getting results at your current level, go higher. Perhaps because your penis is conditioned and used to things like clamping, a higher vacuum may be needed. This is probably the cliché response liquidman was referring to: everyone is different, you have to test your own limits.

I always experience the best pump when I go in fully erect and try to maintain it with porn or manual stimulation. But I’ve never felt that the pump/tube was more than an adjunct to manual PE methods. As your tunica is stretched out by jelqing, clamping or other methods, I feel the pump helps give an extra stretch to the tunica which might be helping to maintain, or cement, gains.


Thanks for the feedback. Not much—or indeed nothing—is absolute anywhere, not only in PE. However, perhaps rightly so, the impression given in a lot of pumping threads is that you dick is likely to fall off if you pump over 4-6 in/HG.

What I’d really like to know is the levels that responsible but productive (i.e., gaining) pumpers prefer to pump at once they’ve passed Pumper’s 101, as it were. What levels do you pump at now? What levels do you think others who have seen results are pumping at? Is it still the 4-6 in/HG range?

Thanks for the advice on pumping while erect. I think I’m just feeling a bit frustrated with pumping right now; it’s been much more of a hassle than I thought it would be, for me personally. I really don’t like watching porn on a daily basis, and it becomes singularly unstimulating for me when I have to do so. Similarly, having to manually stimulate myself to full erection at set times daily can be tedious and therefore unerotic. These things work better for me when they are spontaneous. However, spontaneity is not compatible with my PE schedule at present. With hanging, you just clamp the weight on and go back to what you were doing. I jelq and stretch while watching the news. So far, I only clamp when I’m “in the mood.” Pumping is more complicated.

do you have to stay 100% erect during your pumping session?

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My knowledge of this issue is extremely limited. I’ve just started pumping. The opinion seems to be that the more erect you are while pumping, the less lymph fluid you’re likely to accumulate under the skin. I’ve been trying to pump while erect. And thus far, I’ve experienced very little lymph fluid build up.

What has your experience with all this been?

I’ve had no experience with pumping at all .. My knowledge is too limited as well :D I’m planning on pumping pretty soon though and that’s why i was kinda shocked when I heard you talking about being fully erect while pumping. It’s gonna be way too hard to keep a 100% erection while in the pump I guess …

BTW, What do you mean by lymph fluid ? and what does this fluid do to your penis ?

Current: 8+ x 5.5

soon to be nine.


I hope some more experienced and knowledgeable pumpers will help me out here. When you put your penis under vacuum, it draws both blood and lymphatic fluid (I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s called) into your unit. This is what causes it to expand in size. Obviously, the blood is a good thing; it expands the CCs, etc. On the other hand, the lymph fluid seems only to gather under the skin. So it doesn’t appear to contribute to permanent gains much or at all (I think there is a little controversy here). Moreover, too much lymph fluid is what makes a well-pumped penis look and feel like a balloon filled with water. Just look at some of the pictures on pumping sites! Not my cup of tea.

Accordingly, if you begin and maintain your pumping session with you penis already filled with blood (i.e., with it fully erect), you will have more blood doing its work and less lymph fluid being drawn in.

Having said that, I know that Avocet8 has remarked that it’s no big deal if you lose your erection while pumping. It will probably be better if you don’t, but the more important thing is going into the cylinder erect. I think. Is this right Avocet?

Despite the frustration expressed above, so far my experience with pumping has been positive. I definitely recommend it. In almost no time, the pumping combined with wearing a cock ring throughout the day has increased my flaccid length and girth very noticeably. Moreover, before the pump and cock ring, my flaccid size would really diminish when I was at the gym. I’ve been told it’s the adrenalin. Since pumping and wearing the cock ring, my flaccid size has endured this adrenalin rush at the gym very well indeed. I’m almost embarrassed the way people look at my crotch there, both men and women! Well, I’m not that embarrassed.

And in my case, the girth increase from pumping has also been noticeable and quick. I know it will take time to cement this gain. I just want to pack the cylinder and see if the pumping helps me with length. For as you mention, length is my primary goal at present.

Have you tried hanging, which is surely the best way to gain length?

Originally Posted by motivated
What levels do you pump at now? What levels do you think others who have seen results are pumping at? Is it still the 4-6 in/HG range?

I pump now mainly for pleasure. I’m not doing any active PE. I don’t like the “donut” effect, which is the main reason pumpers are advised to keep the vacuum level in that range, so I pump at around 5” Hg. I still “milk the tube” and usually can see an erection larger than what I can measure outside the tube (my acrylic cylinder has a clear inch ruler taped to it), but I mainly do it for fun.

Regarding the lymphatic system. Here is a site with probably more than you wanted to know about it. The lymphatic system is a low pressure system which will easily give up its contents (lymph fluid) when placed under a vacuum. The place it will deposit stuff under a vacuum is basically the area beneath the skin and outside the tunica and fascia. It contributes nothing to erections normally and most guys don’t even know they have a lymph system. Going in fully erect compresses the lymph vessels between the hard tunica and the cylinder wall (if you’re fully packing the tube) and helps keep the lymph fluid from being pulled into the surrounding tissue.

The pulling of lymph fluid into the tissues and the possibility of rupturing small blood vessels are the reasons pumpers are cautioned to keep the vacuum level low. However, I’ve heard of guys going to 10” Hg without too much trouble. You may have to reduce your time to keep the lymph in place however, so perhaps it all ends up even anyway (time vs. pressure).


As always, thanks for the informative reply.

Thanks for the valuable information :)


I haven’t tried hanging yet. I don’t really even plan on trying it because my length gains are going fine with manual stretching at the moment . I bought a Penimaster but only worn it a couple of times. I foud it very annoying to wear and I don’t know what to do with it :P ..

I believe that if you stretch properly you wouldn’t need to hang or wear an ADS. I’m gonna buy a LA pump very soon. Most definitaely when I reach 20” cm in length, because girth will turn to be my main focus.

Thanks for the answers, and good luck, I hope you see great results soon .

Current: 8+ x 5.5

soon to be nine.

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