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Tube size and length

Tube size and length

I apologize if this gets/got posted twice..

I currently use a Mity pump w/ gauge from boston pump (
btw these guys? are great… I use their 2 1/4” (diameter) contour tube. My head
and base touch the cylinder walls but my shaft has room.. I have noticed that the head
and base seem to be getting bigger while my shaft either remains the same or is slightly
thinner. I am trying to put on another 1/2” in length while maintaining girth. I would also like to ‘fill’ out my shaft a bit..
Question: how does the diameter of the tube effect pumping? If the tube is ‘to big’ what will happen? if I ‘drop down’ to a 2” tube, constricting the head and base a bit will this translate into more length and/or thicker shaft?

I pump twice daily for short intense workouts (15+ hg for 10-15 min) I fill the tube w/ hot water which equalizes the pressure and is plain ole more comfortable.. I rest as needed and do manuals stretches.. I started off at 5.5” girth and ~5.75 length bp.. Currently my length is at 7”…

any thoughts would be appreciated..


a) Are you “packing”, when you say your head and base touch?

b) Are you impotent yet?


[(b)] PM me when that happens? I may be able to help after you heal.



I am not sure about the pressures when water pumping, but for dry air pumping, 15 in hg is way too high.

Your girth is more affected by longer workouts of lesser pressure. So instead of doing 2 workouts at different times of the day, it is better to do one workout that totals say 30 minutes of pumping. I would reduce the pressure down to 8 in hg and go for three sets of 10 minutes or two sets of 15 minutes with jelqing or massage in-between pump sets. I think you will find that once you start doing one pump routine totalling 30 minutes, your girth will take off.

I like to finish by putting on a cock ring after my final pump set and massaging a max erection for 15 minutes.

thanks guys.. I will reduce the pressure and change the routine.

do you think that by going to a 2” cylinder it will help w/ length gains? or should I just stay w/ stretching for lenght..

funny thing too… when I first started I used to get the doughnut thing.. now I don’t.. hmmmm anyway, I’ll reduce pressure and go longer..

no I am not ‘packing’.. but I am making contact all around the sides..

I am not ‘impotent’ LOL…

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