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Tube size and Circumference

Tube size and Circumference

There seems to be a fair amount of doubt and confusion as to what tube is the right size tube to buy. If you think of tubes by diameter starting at 1.5 inches and increasing by quarter inches and you know what your circumference is then it is easy to calculate the most appropriate tube for you to buy. If you are going for length then make the tube as close or slightly smaller than your circumference. If you are going for girth get a large diameter tube , bearing in mind the danger of sucking in a testicle( ouch) if it is too big.

Use this formula: C=pi xDiamater
Example: a 5inch circumference divided by 3.1416(Pi) =1.59 inches so for length buy a 1.75 inch tube, for girth 2.25 inch would be enough.

Thanks Boxcar for the info.

After reading the size charts and asking questions the recommended tube size for me is 1.75”.

5.5 divided by 3.1416 = 1.75070028”

Now I’m wondering if the 1.75” might be too snug, especially over a few months of use.

I am focusing mostly on length gains at this time and maybe the 1.75” is still my best choice.

What do you think?

Thanks :)

But read also bigjack’s situation in “Note on Cylinder Diamter.” His glans packs his 1.75 such that he feels he is not getting enough length pull.



I think since you are already at 1.75 inches in diameter flaccid, you would be wiser to go up a notch to 2 inches.and lube well. My tube has no rubber seal so I can use baby oil and lots of it,but if you have a rubber or neoprene seal be careful to use a lubricant that is friendly to those products. There is a dandy available on called Glyde. I’m sure there are a whole bunch of them around starting with K-Y.


I’m 5.5” girth when erect and smaller when flacid, probably 4.5” range in the flacid state. I’m definitely a grower and not a shower in both length and girth departments.

One Day I’ll get up there! :)

At 4.5 inches circumference flaccid, your diameter is 1.43 inches so a 1.5 inch tube would be okay, but I think as Avocet suggested leave room for growth, so get the 1.75 inch tube., which when you are pumped will give you a good pull., and a good seal.

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