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Tube Packing Question

Tube Packing Question

Before I run out and plop down some cash on a smaller tube, how essential is packing the tube to realizing girth gains from pumping? I’m not close to packing my current (2 1/4” I think) tube at 5 hg. I’m currently about 6” in girth at the base and about 5 1/2” midshaft. If my current tube is too large, what size should I drop down to? Finally, what is it about packing the tube that facilitates girth gains? Thanks in advance.

It’s not. Packing tends to draw the penis out in a lengthwise direction: it’s more for length gains.

You’re fairly advanced, Brian: have you tried pumping with heat?


2” is ideal for you but it doesn’t really matter as long as your balls aren’t sucked in. When you pack, you simply move to a bigger one. You gain girth when you don’t pack.

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I’m 5.5” girth and a 1 3/4” tube is just right for packing and stretching length. 2” might be good for girth. Use heat, take your time, and you can pack the 2” as well, but thats mostly fluid.

Thanks, guys. That helps much. I’ll keep working with my 2 1/4” tube. I tried a heat wrap in the past. Maybe I’ll incorporate that into the routine again.

Long time Brian, I was missing your posts, man.

Try my girth routine if you want to pack on the meat.

i’m currently more interested in gaining length then girth (that is an eventual goal tho), so the basic math would say to go for a ~1.75 tube, i tried one (technically 1.625), and i couldn’t go in erect because of the shape of my erection, so i went up to a 2” tube (technically 1.875), so i’ll just get my girth gains now with very little length til i pack the tube, then start seeing more length or is there something to do in the mean time to encourage length while not packing? and like i said, my erections shape is more oval/triangular then cylindical, will the shape change to conform to the tube?

Do jelking between pump sets, once you get “conditioned.” There is no better exercise, imo, for both length and girth than jelking. Happily, pumping works very well in combination with jelking.

Of the 2” tube feels better, go with that. We are not supposed to feel uncomfortable with pumping.



Originally Posted by xlmagnum
Long time Brian, I was missing your posts, man.

Try my girth routine if you want to pack on the meat.

Damn, man! You’ve made some incredible gains in a short period of time. So what’s your secret? I particularly want to learn about your girth routine. Thanks in advance…

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