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Traveling with your pump

Traveling with your pump

I am planning to travel to the Dominican Republic and am thinking of taking my pump. However, I am scared of the thoughtbof some customs guy ripping my bag open and pulling my penis pump out in front of everyone. Has anyone ever traveled with theirs before? If so, any tips so I don’t get completely humiliated?

I would check your bag.

I have never traveled with my pump on an airplane before but I’m sure millions of people travel with sex toys all the time. Besides the TSA agent monitoring the screen will know what it is to begin with. The only circumstance I see where they would rip open your bag and rummage through it like a vulture on an fresh carcass would be if you were foolish enough to try to bring it carry on because most of the pumps look like zip guns.

Pack your tube with soft cotton clothes for cushioning and separate your pump from the tube donut won’t get scratched. Beyond that there shouldn’t be a big problem so long as you don’t pack film or breakable items with it. Just to be on the dafe side scour the Internet to see how othe people have done it. If worse comes to worse you could always just bring a few clamps or make your own from a gravel cleaner from a pet store for $15-30 to use until you get home.

On the other hand I once read a story from a newspaper about a kid who packed his cheap black pump in his carry on. Then when the TSA agent asked him what it was in front of his mother he tryed to play it off as though somebody slipped a bomb in his suitcase.

I have traveled with my pump before. My plan was to pack my pump in my checked bag. I was late to my flight so I had to carry my checked bag with me through the TSA security check. The pump was discovered by 3 agents (2 men and 1 woman).

They actually did not know what they were looking at because I packed my Jim Diamond tube separate from the pump. The funny thing is they were more concerned with the pump itself, because they “don’t allow any compressed gas cartridges on board”. After I pulled one of the guys to the side and explained the situation I was waived through.

Certainly not as embarrassing as it could have been.

Since this question is so similar to mine, I’ll ask it here. Can you travel with a penis pump in a checked in suitcase without having security remove it? I’m moving to Europe in a few days and I have no clue what to do with it, I’m traveling with a huge amount of students.

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I have travelled loads of times with my pump in checked bag. Once they had an x-ray machine before check in and I really got nervous because I was travelling with colleagues… But I have never had any problems or embarrassing situations.

I say, enjoy Dominican Republic with a fat pumped cock!

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