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to pump or not to pump


to pump or not to pump

Hi guys

I have been thinking about trying pumping for some time now but then I went to Newart pumping forum and saw a couple of pictures there that totally blew me away. The dicks there were totally deformed and kinnda swollen and it was really not a pretty sight to see. Is this the truth with pumping, because if it is, I won’t even think about pumping anymore. What are your experiences. Thanks.


What you saw at Newart Pumping site are many pics of EXTREME pumping, where guys have chosen to pump for excessive lengths of time and/or use much higher vacuum pressure. This is not the norm. It is possible to pump fully, maintain a pleasing look to your dick and not “misshape” it like in the pics you viewed. Now, some guys actually strive for this look. It’s their choice, although it is a temporary phenomenon. Most don’t strive for this look and pump more normally.


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Avocet8 sold me on the pumping thing a while ago and I love it… I’ve seen the example of what you speak of and rest assured that you don’t have to do that… Mainly gay guys into that from what I’ve seen, they also pump their nuts to the point it looks like a single bloated tic hanging between their legs… “Tiger pumping” is a site that pushes that sort of theology… Not for me either lol…

Exactly what Peforeal said. I have been pumping for well over 2 years now and have never even come close to looking like those guys with extreme pumped cocks that don’t even look like cocks and balls the size of soft balls. My size is much larger now then when I started, but still in perfect proportion. Look at all the member pics posted on this site. You won’t find any extremes like a Newart.

Thanks guys. Hm I really can’t understand those guys. Why would someone want to strive a dick and balls like that. Creepy stuff. So this is another rrason to buy a pump with a gauge so you can monitor the pumping pressure, right?

Yes, buy the pump with the gauge. It’s well worth it to know exactly what you are doing.

Gp what about those pumps with the vibrators. What is this vibrator for and how does it work? Is it there to keep you erect in the tube? Does pump with the gauge have this vibrator?


Sorry, I don’t know about pumps with vibrators. I have held a vibrating massager against my cylinder while pumping and it does provide quite a nice sensation, but it does require a fairly powerful vibrator to penetrate thru the tube. I have even cum in the tube using it, so yes, if the vibrations are strong enough, it will keep you at attention!

Sorry to bombard with this newbie questions but I really am curious about pumping. So when you are in a tube you must have some kind of stimulation to keep erect. So your dick can go limp in the tube? That means you must enter the tube erect. I have read somewhere that it is also ok to enter the tube flaccid and then pump it up. So basically vacum doesn’t do anything to keep you erect and aroused?

I have never had my cock go limp while pumping. The vacuum just about makes it impossible. I don’t like to enter the tube totally flaccid because it’s easier to get your balls sucked in and too much fat pad skin gets involved. I don’t like to enter the tube totally erect either, because then your tunica is rigid and therefore not flexible enough to expand. I like to enter the tube around 80-90%. Then everything is flexible enough to take on maximum expansion as provided by the vacuum.

The vacuum allows for expansion in all directions including length, but girth is most greatly effected and you will probably gain anywhere from 1/4 to 1/2 inch in girth after a good pump session. Your head will also take on new proportions never before experienced.

The key is then to repeat this process so the temporary gains become permanent. It seems to be best to combine jelqing with pumping. I start and finish my routines with girth blasters, and after every 10 minutes of pumping, do 5 minutes of girth blasters. So it’s jelq, pump, jelq, pump, jelq. I do either 3 or 4 pump cycles like this depending on time availability or level of cock fatigue.

Now I think it’s best you begin your pumping sessions before asking more questions, because you will never remember all of this without being able to do it.

Lol sorry gp, I am just a curious guy that’s all. I want to make sure that everything is ok. I don’t want to throw my dollars (tollars) in the water. Will keep you posted. Thanks for now.

I’ve been pumping off & on, with no set regimen, for the last 9 years or so; I know for a fact that I’ve definitely gained girth from it, tho I don’t know how much since I wasn’t measuring when I started.

Pumping is really cool. I like watching my little dick grow. Just don’t start with too much pressure or you’ll

end up with fluid blisters like I did on the second day :-(

Don’t worry I will take it easy. How do those fluid blisters look. Does it hurt or anything?

I read on other sites that pumping will bring more foreskin even if I am cut ? Can it be avoided. ?


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