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Tips with penis & ball pumping and avoiding the "penis crown"?


Tips with penis & ball pumping and avoiding the "penis crown"?

So, around late 2014, I was introduced into the idea of vacuum pumping from my mate. I had never sought any enlargement methods before that.
I’d like to talk about my experiences and ask for advice.

I used the Bathmate Goliath with what I felt was a bit too hot of water, and it really hurt as the chamber dug into the base of my penis, but afterwards I ended up getting a 6.5/7 circumference result, after having only a 4.5 inch circumference. The growth was evenly distributed and there was little discoloration.

I have 2 gallon, glass suntea jar that I rigged for mouth pumping, and a Bathmate Hercules (aka the smaller model). Now, I can pump my balls for up to 3 hours, with small breaks inbetween, getting pretty good results, being about as large as my fist, but as I am sensitive in my balls, they get rather discolored (but not with as much pain, just pressure and some discomfort) and they can’t handle the pressure that’d allow my penis to also get considerable results. For the Bathmate, I usually put plastic wrap around my penis to cut down on the pinching, but, now, my penis gets more discolored and only wants to grow around the skin of my head, puffing out and forming what could be considered a crown, as I am cut but have enough remaining foreskin. It seems as if the middle of my penis does not want to puff out— it could simply be that in my impatience, I was rushing all the fluid to the most accessible area; my foreskin.

I went back to my mate’s this month, and used a simple plastic penis pump with a hand pump & gauge. It felt less discomforting and more evenly distributed, and while I’m unsure of what the gauge’s measurement system was, (perhaps psi?), it read 15, which was a good limit for me, whereas when I used the hand pump & gauge on both my dick and balls, 10 was a good limit for me.

Now, to address my questions— what is a good way to avoid discoloration, if I’m waiting for hours with lower pressures, easing myself into the pressures, using lube, and warming myself up beforehand?
How can I avoid the penis crown and achieve the considerable results I got with the goliath in the past? I would think time and patience, but that session was only 30-45 minutes in time.
What is a good set of pressure to use for someone who is not a complete beginner but isn’t a veteran, with the penis exclusively and with balls included?

I have noticed somewhat of a gain from my time spent pumping, and while I don’t do it often, my penis does seem very slightly thicker, or, at least, the skin feels thicker and my foreskin more plentiful.

The pressure you’re using is way too high. Keep it around 5.

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Am I misunderstanding the gauge’ measurements?
My mate said he would normally do 20 for himself.

I mean, the pressure I’d use with the Bathmate was around the same 15-whatever pressure I used with the normal plastic penis pump with the hand gauge.

If you are pumping for long lasting gains, you should shoot for 45+ minutes sessions at low pressure and have patience, basing on what I have read.

I see. So I should span 45 minute sessions for multiple days a week instead of 2-3 hours-with-breaks-but-less-often?

I should mention that I care exclusively about penis girth and not length, but for my balls I care more about girth than hanging, but could also go for hanging.

My penis size is 7 inches bone-pressed, 4.5 inches in circumference at the widest point.

There is great amount of varibility as far as the frequecny goes: some guys can’t stand more than two sessions per weeks, others have no problem at pumping everyday; in the middle you have most of the guys. I would say 4-7hg for 60 minutes total three times per week is good for many. If you can do 60 minutes straight, that’s better, otherwise the total amount of time (say 30 minutes 2 times per day, for example) should give about the same outcome.

I would always add jelqs. Pumping give a quick reward, but jelqs build the long standing gains.

I am not sure we have enough anecdotal data to tell what is better for balls pumping, most of people are not focused on that.

I don’t really know a lot about “jelqs”, although I have heard it being referenced, with it being better than clamping and something about applying pressure for “controlled damage”, which is a wording that kind of discontents me. Although I’d have to learn more about it.

So you really can’t get lasting gains without methods beyond mitosis from vacuum pumping?

I don’t like the idea of ‘damage’ being thrown in PE either, because damage is a very vague word and many people will think that they have to hit their penis bad to have gains; anyway it is just a matter of understanding what are we speaking of; a stress that triggers significative mitosis will probably means that at some degree a damage has been caused. Otherwise there would be no reason to grow.

We can’t say that pumping alone can't give gains; but I can’t remember a pumper who didn’t jelq and got permanent gains. There are step by step instructions and even videos in the FAQ.

Thanks for all the advice.

So, would you say that pumping along with jelqing helps increase gains, or that pumping is temporary-only and (mostly) irrelevant to long-term gains?

I would say that jelqing highly increases the rate of permanent gains.

Oh, what I meant with that question is, if I’m looking for long-term, should I just ignore pumping, or pump along with jelq?

I second the jelqing plus pumping method. The best gains I have seen have been from water pumping with hot water and then dry jelqing in a non-erect state with just enough blood to create resistance in the stroke for no more than 50 slow strokes. I then do light stretching for about 5 minutes.

I usually pump at night and do the manuals in the morning with piss pulls throughout the day.

Again, best gains I have seen with this method and I have been a hard gainer.

The way I judge how hard to pump is that I stop adding vacuum when my penis gets to its longest then add more as it adjust and expands every couple minutes.

I find that the low pressure doesn’t create much expansion for me at all. I’ve pumped for YEARS just for fun never taking it really seriously or thinking I would gain permanently from it.

My pump is a hand held manual pump made for bleeding brake systems. I use a le luv cylinder.. I have a couple and I’ve used the STJ (sun tea jar) as well. I have the same results as you sometimes.

I prefer to pump around 8 to 10 HG. 15 feels really good and gives me the most length and girth expansion but it also drastically increases the “donuts” you are talking about. Many will tell you these levels are unsafe and perhaps they are correct. I may have been fortunate or unlucky depending on how you look at it because I can sit in a 4-5 hg tube for over an hour with very little gain. At 8 to 10 as long as I take a brake and jelq every 15 to 20 minutes I’m fine.. I barely balloon out or discolor.

Take this information with a grain of salt.. Most people say 5 to 7 is as much as they can take or will take.. I find no discomfort going much much higher and have pumped closer to 20HG for short duration. To me 8-10 feels like a nice pull.

Preventing The Crown - Solved

I figured a way to prevent all the fluid from rushing to the foreskin (which looked crazy the first few times.)

Take a condom, cut the end off so you end up with a rubber band about an inch long. Slide it on and place it just behind the head where your foreskin is. It will apply a very slight pressure to the skin and prevent the swollen skin from appearing.

You have to put it on first obviously, then basically build your pump around it. My pump has a removable seal so I put that on my cock first before attaching the main cylinder.

(Hope I have explained this ok.).

Wow Eletan2. Two posts in your almost 8 year history. Both of them where really good posts but years apart from each other.

I hope you will continue to contribute before 2019.

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